Saturday, September 27, 2008

To be agnostic has no meaning

Many say they are agnoctic, they do not know if there is a god or several gods. Often the same people separates themself from atheists as part of explaning why they say the are agnostics. But atheist and agnostics are not a scale to use.

To be agnostic has to do with knowing.
Do you know there is a god? Yes or no. If you don't know you are an agnoctic.

To be an atheist has to do with belief.
Do you believe in a god? Yes or no. If you don't believe you are an atheist.

There is a difference between knowning and believing. Don't act if there is not.

If you know there is a god. You are insane.
If you know there isn't a god, you possibly dos not understand the way of proving things. We can never disprove there isn't a god, a pink unicorn, Santa Claus/Father Christmas, a Flying Spaghetti Monster, Easter Bunny or, or, or, or ....

Don't use the them agnostic it has no meaning because we are all agnostics.

Iron Chariots Wiki on Atheist vs. agnostic

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Anonymous said...

This debate truly astonishes me.

I am catagorized as a strong atheist (if you don't know look it up). IMO a strong atheist is not concerned with this title, I mean call me d*ckhead, whatever. The point is that theists make an absurd assertion of the existence of god. Why should I be bothered with being tagged as a disbeliever of a completely baseless assertion?

Strong atheists don't need to be labeled, because we don't get together on Sundays and charm snakes, or consume the flesh and blood of any particular savior.

Agnosticism is an even stranger concept for me. It insuates that the agnostic is one who can't prove the existence of god, and holds out for any possibility. Thats nonsense because they have, by definition, bought into the theist assertion, which as I stated above, is a completely random and baseless assertion.

Call yourselves what you want, but by allowing yourself to be catagorized as an atheist or agnostic, you are unwittingly lending credit to a wildly irrational assertion otherwise known as theism.

Now ain't d*ckhead better?

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