Saturday, September 27, 2008

Human Conceit, Dominionism

Carl Sagan questions anthropocentrism, especially as it relates to religion.

Consider how this relates to our attitude towards the other animals that live on earth.

What would happen if aliens who were as technologically/intellectually advanced beyond us as we are beyond chickens, were able find and make their way to earth. Now imagine that they, like most humans, consider their relative advancement or "difference" as moral justification for exploiting other species they view as "lower" beings.

Now imagine that they like to eat meat. What do you think would be the outcome?

On the topic of placing this in the Pets & Animals category: Carl Sagan was the advisor to the Cornell Students for the Ethical treatment of Animals. When i spoke to his wife, Ann Druyan, she said she thought Carl had gotten to the point where he would never buy another leather jacket. Anyway his remarks here also apply to our attitudes towards other species.

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