Thursday, July 31, 2014

Atheist Experience #874 HD + Aftershow: John's Trip to Mormon Country

The Atheist Experience #874 for July 13, 2014, with Russell Glasser and John Iacoletti.

Hana Whitfield on Being Followed by Scientology

Hana Whitfield was a long time Scientologist and the captain of one of the first ships in Scientology's Sea Org. After leaving the group, she and her husband helped families who had lost a loved one to Scientology. During this period, they were followed across the globe by Scientologists.

Fischer Cites Mysterious Red River In China As Proof The Bible True

Bryan Fischer claims that a river mysteriously turning red in China is proof that the Bible is true.

Focal Point on AFA Channel, 2014

Robertson: Gays Demand Sex, Threaten Christians' Businesses

Pat Robertson says gays are turning US into Sodom, threatening Christian business owners.

CBN 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Psychology of Belief

How does the human brain accept rationality AND irrationality? What are the mechanisms at play when it comes to the acceptance of religious beliefs and claims? Are some people more predisposed to superstitious thinking than others? What are the best approaches to help promote science, reason, rationality and evidence-based thinking?

Joining us for this show will be Dr. Caleb Lack ( a clinical psychologist and educator on psychology, critical thinking and science VS pseudoscience. He writes the "Great Plains Skeptic" column on the Skeptic Ink Network (

TTA Podcast 172: The Psychology of Belief
The Thinking Atheist, July 2014

Kentucky State Taxes Buy an ARK PARK!

Lawrence O'Donnell on an Ark Park (Noas Ark)

The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC, 7-29-2014.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Angelus and human rights abuses in Ireland - Michael Nugent on Newstalk

Michael Nugent discussed the Angelus, human rights abuses, the UN, Saint Patrick and more with George Hook and Ian O'Doherty on The Right Hook on Newstalk Radio on 23 July 2014.

Michael Peroutka Blames Evolution For Columbine Shooting, Holocaust

The Institute on the Constitution's Michael Peroutka, in a speech to a Personhood Iowa event, blames the theory of evolution for the Columbine shooting and the Holocaust.

Jim Gilchrist Accuses Pro-Immigrant Religious Groups Of Being 'Non-Violent Cartels'

In this video, the Minuteman Project's Jim Gilchrist accuses pro-immigrant religious groups of aiding a "covert invasion" of the United States.

Richard Dawkins ∙ At the Edinburgh Book Festival | 2014

Richard Dawkins ∙ At the Edinburgh Book Festival | June 29, 2014

Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Decision

The Atheist Experience #873 for July 6, 2014, with Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. THERE WAS NO EPISODE #872.

The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.

Monday, July 28, 2014

John Oliver: Nuclear Weapons

America has over 4,800 nuclear weapons, and we don’t take terrific care of them.
It’s terrifying, basically.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Nuclear Weapons

Atheist Experience #871 + Aftershow: Viewer Calls

The Atheist Experience #871 for June 22, 2014, with Russell Glasser and Tracie Harris.


The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.

The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to oppose discrimination against atheists and to work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

What Causes Autism?

We've established that autism is not a vaccine related illness. What exactly do we know about how it's caused?

Scientists are currently searching for a unifying theory of autism, and the only thing that's clear so far is that it will need to be a complex, multi-hit hypothesis.

This is a far from comprehensive review, just a few thoughts of mine. As always, the best advice is not to be found on the Internet. A licensed physician or health care professional is always better than a blog, vlog, or forum.

1. Lancet. 2009 November 7; 374(9701): 1627–1638. "Autism"

2. Front Hum Neurosci. 2010 Dec 21;4:224. "The Intense World Theory – a unifying theory of the neurobiology of autism"

3. J Neurodev Disord. 2012; 4(1): 7. "Infant siblings and the investigation of autism risk factors"

Do not support Autism speaks

The Bible: Leviticus - Chapters 10-12

Aaron's sons are bad! More rules and grocery lists from Lord YHWH!

Skeptic's Review-The Bible: Leviticus - Chapters 10-12

Examining the Existence of a Historical Jesus

David Fitzgerald Skepticon 3 "Examining the Existence of a Historical Jesus"

Filmed and edited by Rob Lehr of Hambone Productions

Sunday, July 27, 2014

William Lane Craig Believes What He Wants to Believe

The Bible: Leviticus - Chapters 7-9

Moses officially makes Aaron and his sons priests. Then Lord YHWH gives Moses another grocery list of animal sacrifices.

Skeptic's Review-The Bible: Leviticus - Chapters 7-9

John Smith's Twitter account:

Want to be a patron?

Robertson: Modesty Is Hot, Cool

Pat Robertson says women can better entice men by wearing modest clothes.

GOP Candidate Jody Hice Blames Aurora Shooting On Secularism & Evolution

GOP congressional candidate blames the 2012 shooting in Aurora, CO on the separation of church and state, legal abortion, and evolution.

The Ra Men podcast EP1 with AronRa & Matt Dillahunty

AronRa: "I actually think it's a good thing that we atheists don't all agree on everything. Matt and I disagree on a few points. In this first episode of the Ra-Men, my co-host, Mark Nebo of BeSecular and I will argue with Matt Dillahunty about whether Christians are truly sincere about their beliefs. He says they are; I say they're not. Hear why." 

The Ra Men podcast

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Glenn Beck Is Very Receptive To The Idea That Jesus Was Married

The Mormon Glenn Beck explains why he could accept the idea that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

Jesus: Legend, Teacher, Critic, or Son of God?

Jesus: Legend, Teacher, Critic, or Son of God? Greg Boyd vs. Robert M. Price

Christian debater: Gregory A. Boyd
Atheist debater: Robert M. Price

Date: April 22, 2003
Location: University of California, Los Angeles, USA

God Is Calling On Glenn Beck To Stand With Israel

The Mormon Glenn Beck announces that God is telling him to go to Israel. And Glenn Beck needs an airplane.

... and then he cry again

Akin: Stop Making Fun Of Me!

Todd Akin insists that people who make fun of him are actually persecuting him and in doing so will help destroy America by silencing heroes like himself.

How Gravity Makes Things Fall

A new demonstration of gravity, featuring the "Spacetime Stretcher," built mostly out of materials from my garage and the hardware store. More info:

1. As a falling object's path goes increasingly in the space (down) direction, it goes a little bit less in the time direction. Gravity is effectively converting some of its travel through time into travel through space. How much time converts into how much space? It works out to be 186,000 miles of space for every second of time -- that's the speed of light! The equivalence between a little time and a lot of space has a parallel with Einstein's famous equation E = mc^2, where a little mass is equivalent to a lot of energy -- also with the speed of light c as the conversion factor, only squared. It's amazing how all these physics concepts fit together.

2. An object moving up or down at the speed of light, such as a photon, follows a vertical path on our graph. If we could warp the Spacetime Stretcher as much as we wanted, we could make the time axis curve around and re-intersect with this vertical line. That would be a black hole: Even a photon moving straight up would get "warped back" to the place where it started.

3. Spacetime warping is usually depicted as going into a higher dimension -- in this case, bending toward or away from the camera. But such a device would have been much harder to build. You can think of this model as a two-dimensional "projection" or "shadow" of three-dimensional curvature, i.e. the flattening of a flared-out surface that curls away from the plane of the graph.

4. In addition to mechanically calculating trajectories of objects falling on the Earth, Mars, or Moon, the Spacetime Stretcher (at a zoomed-out calibration scale) can also calculate the length-contraction and time-dilation observed with a rocket traveling close to the speed of light.

Edward Current, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar: The Contradiction of Islam

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar is a columnist, speaker and founder of the Global Secular Humanist Movement. Originally from Iraq, Faisal now lives in the USA. In this short video, he speaks about the religion of his former country.

Is the Christian Faith Reasonable? (Carrier and Marshall)

"Is the Christian Faith Reasonable?" A debate between Richard Carrier and David Marshall.

Recorded at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

Event hosted between the UAH Non-Theists and Ratio Christi (UAH Chapter)

Klingenschmitt Says Those Who Can't Enter Church Shouldn't Use Public Restrooms

Gordon Klingenschmitt absurdly claims that transgender people are not allowed in church, so they should be not allowed to use gender-appropriate restrooms.

Ben Shapiro "It's borderline a Jew-hating administration"

Ben Shapiro (Editor-in-Chief, Truthrevolt) joins Megyn Kelly to weigh in with his take on the situation.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How the Bible Explains Suffering with Bart Ehrman

Bart Ehrman is renowned for his contributions to the field of religious studies, focusing on New Testament interpretation and the history of ancient Christianity in the first three centuries AD.

Series: UC Berkeley Graduate Council Lectures [9/2008] [Humanities] [Show ID: 14693]

Dying with Dignity (with Wanda Morris)

This week's special guest is Wanda Morris, CEO of the organization, "Dying with Dignity."

Wanda has been on the front lines of the Right to Die Movement in Canada for many years, educating the public, challenging government officials and fighting for patients' rights regarding end-of-life choices.

In this podcast, we explore death, the fear of death, and the question of how humanity should approach life, death, suffering, compassion and dignity.



TTA Podcast 172: Dying with Dignity (with Wanda Morris)
The Thinking Atheist, 2014

The Angelus and religious discrimination

Jane Donnelly on RTE's Liveline discussing The Angelus on RTE and religious discrimination in Irish schools, on 21 July 2014.

John Oliver on Prison

America's prisons are broken. Just ask John Oliver and several puppets.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO), 2014

Akin: Spiritual War Over "Legitimate Rape" Remark

Todd Akin describes the fallout of his "legitimate rape" comments as a battle between spiritual good and evil, with him on the side of good.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Steinlight: Public Execution 'Too Good' For Obama

Stephen Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies says execution is "too good" for President Obama.

The Case Against The Case For Christ (interview)

Leading New Testament scholar Robert M. Price has taken umbrage at the cavalier manner in which Rev. Lee Strobel has misrepresented the field of Bible scholarship in his book The Case for Christ. Price exposes and refutes Strobel's arguments chapter-by-chapter. In doing so he has occasion to wipe out the entire field of Christian apologetics as summarized by Strobel. This book is a must-read for anyone bewildered by the various books published by Rev. Strobel.

The Case Against The Case For Christ: A New Testament Scholar Refutes the Reverend Lee Strobel

Amy Dickinson - Friendly Atheist Podcast

Amy Dickinson is the syndicated columnist behind "Ask Amy," which is in over 150 newspapers nationwide. You can also hear her on NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" where she is a regular panelist. She has written for Time, Esquire, and O magazines and is the author of the bestselling memoir The Mighty Queens of Freeville.

Amy Dickinson - Friendly Atheist Podcast EP 5

"We Don't Need More Copyright" - Tom W. Bell on Intellectual Property

"We don't need more copyright," says Chapman University law professor Tom W. Bell. "Probably we could dial it back and still enjoy this great wealth of culture that's been generated, that's already in our libraries."

Bell, a self-described "intellectual property skeptic," sat down with Reason TV to discuss his new book "Intellectual Privilege: Copyright, Common Law, and the Common Good."

Contemporary copyright law is a statutory privilege that inevitably contradicts our constitutional rights to free expression. The prospect of litigation scares off artists who want to create new works that exist in legal grey areas, like mashups, tributes, or parodies.

Bell's solution rests on a much simpler idea: we should emphasize common law instead of copyright. Common law -- which is to say, the established precedents that govern ordinary property, contracts, and torts -- already form the foundation of the American legal system. It provides plenty of encouragement for artists and designers to create new works, without the statutory failures of the current system.

How might the arts fare in a world without copyright protection? To a large extent, we already know the answer. Perfumes, jokes, recipes, fashion, furniture, and automobile design have never enjoyed copyright protection. Yet there's no shortage of creativity in any of these fields. Artists still find ways to make money -- sometimes a great deal of it -- in the absence of special legal protection.

After meeting with policymakers on Capitol Hill, Bell is hopeful about the prospects for reforming the Copyright Act. Legislators are starting to accept what consumers have long understood about the digital age: modern copyright law hinders the very innovation it was designed to promote.

Runs about 8:30.

Produced by Ford Fischer and Todd Krainin. Cameras by Josh Swain and Fischer.

Genesis study part 1 of 9

The Knowledge of this man is incredible. Plus he is engaging and a great voice for radio.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dropbox's Condoleezza Rice advocates warrantless NSA surveillance

In 2005, Dropbox's newest Board member Condoleezza Rice went on national TV and defended the NSA's illegal warrantless surveillance program.

We now know the NSA program went much, much further than we could have possibly imagined at the time. What we now know is that the illegal NSA surveillance program monitored every American — every phone call, every cell phone, and every email sent. We learned that the NSA broke into American companies' servers and monitored as much communication as they could. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We didn't know how far it went, but Condoleezza Rice did know.

Given everything we now know about the NSA warrantless surveillance program, and Rice's role in it, why on earth would we want someone like her involved with Dropbox, an organization we are trusting with our most important business and personal data?

Stephanie Drury - Friendly Atheist Podcast

Stephanie Drury is the hilarious mind behind Stuff Christian Culture Likes (@StuffCCLikes on Twitter).

We spoke with Stephanie about why Christian culture can be cringe-worthy, why Christian men often feel the need to talk about how hot their wives are, Pastor Mark Driscoll, and the healing abilities of letting all that frustration out online.

Stephanie Drury - Friendly Atheist Podcast, Episode 4

Muhammad and his slaves

The Jinn And Tonic Show, Muhammad and his slaves, 20. Jul 2014

The Bible: Leviticus - Chapters 4-6

Moses describes more animal sacrifices... excuse me while I go throw up.

Learn the Bible

Monday, July 21, 2014

What Kind of a Text is the King James Bible? (Bart Ehrman)

The keynote talk for the opening: "What Kind of a Text is the King James Bible? Manuscripts, Translation, and the Legacy of the KJV" was presented by Dr. Bart Ehrman, James A. Grey Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at UNC Chapel Hill and New York Times bestselling author.

On January 24, 2013, the traveling exhibition Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible opened at the William H. Hannon Library at Loyola Marymount University.

Bart Ehrman: What Kind of a Text is the King James Bible? (Manifold Greatness exhibition opening)

The Bible: Leviticus - Chapters 1-3

Moses gets us started with Leviticus. He is enjoying himself a little too much.

John Smith's Twitter account:

Sye What? (Sye Ten Bruggencate)

The debate: The Refining Reason Debate: Dillahunty VS Bruggencate

TheMessianicManic Twitter:

TheMessianicManic tumblr:

For those who want to see TheMessianicManics pretentious, minimalist poster designs, here is the society6 store:

Rally for Atheist Invocation in Greece, NY, with Dan Courtney and Ron Lindsay

On July 15, 2014, atheist Dan Courtney delivered a historic secular invocation before the Town Board of Greece, NY, center of the Supreme Court case Greece v. Galloway which cleared the way for sectarian prayers at government meetings.

At the rally following the invocation, Dan addressed supporters, followed by remarks by Ronald A. Lindsay, president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry, as well as other representatives from secular organizations. This video contains Dan and Ron's remarks.

This video is presented by the Center for Inquiry which opposed the decision by the Supreme Court. Find out why here:

Help CFI fight for a secular government! Donate today:

Noah movie review

Bible Scholars Richard Carrier and Robert M. Price join Geek's Guide to the Galaxy host David Barr Kirtley to discuss the Darren Aronofsky film Noah.

Richard Carrier and Robert M. Price Review Noah

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Richard Carrier Interviewed by Scott Burdick

Here's a one and-a-half hour interview I conducted with noted historian Richard Carrier that explores the latest scholarship regarding the evidence of who, when, and where the Gospels were written as well as the historicity of Jesus. We also discussed Dr. Carrier's views on God in general, as well as his recent clash with historian Dr. Bart Ehrman. Enjoy! Scott Burdick 2-25-2014

Richard Carrier is a world-renowned author and speaker. As a professional historian, published philosopher, and prominent defender of the American freethought movement, Dr. Carrier has appeared across the country and on national television defending sound historical methods and the ethical worldview of secular naturalism. His books and articles have also received international attention. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in ancient history

Busted! Two women caught stealing a canopy on the beach, then attack!

These ladies were taking more than pictures on July 4th in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Watch the fireworks that follow.

UN asks Ireland about religious discrimination - Michael Nugent on 4FM

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has asked Ireland about religious discrimination against atheists in in the Irish education system. Atheist Ireland briefed the UN Commitee about this, before the meeting with the Irish Government in Geneva. Michael Nugent discusses the issue on 4FM Radio on 16 July 2014.

Pete Santilli Calls Murrieta Police Officers 'Domestic Terrorists'

In this video, radio host Pete Santilli, broadcasting live from the anti-immigrant protests in Murrieta, California, accuses local police officers of being "domestic terrorists," and earns a cheer from the crowd when he blasts them for helping President Obama bring in "infected immigrants."

Bob Barr Challenges Barry Loudermilk To Disavow David Barton's Endorsement

Bob Barr challenged Barry Loudermilk to disavow David Barton's endorsement, but Loudermilk refused.

Constitution being violated on massive scale

Speaking remotely from Russia on Monday, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden told attendees at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas that encryption is still a powerful deterrent against government surveillance.

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ten Beautiful Lies About Jesus

Why would anyone think Jesus never existed? Isn't it perfectly reasonable to accept that he was a real first century figure? As it turns out, no.

David Fitzgerald's award-winning book Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All sheds light on ten beloved Christian myths, and with evidence gathered from historians all across the theological spectrum, shows how they point to a Jesus Christ created solely through allegorical alchemy of hope and imagination; a messiah transformed from a purely literary, theological construct into the familiar figure of Jesus -- in short, a purely mythic Christ.

David Fitzgerald is a historical researcher and an atheist/humanist/secular/skeptic speaker and activist.


Humanist Community Forum (2014-01-19): Ten Beautiful Lies About Jesus (David Fitzgerald)

Legends, Fictions, and Manuscripts that Illustrate Christ's Story

Bart was asked to speak at the Getty Center, Harold M. Williams Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, September 22, 2011 during the exhibition "In the Beginning Was the Word: Medieval Gospel Illumination." The Exhibition included Saint John illustrated in a gospel book by Mesrop of Khizan Isfahan, 1615 and Saint Mark leaf from a gospel book, Constantinople, about 1325--45.

Illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages are significant for the literary texts they preserve. But they are also important, historically and culturally, for their illustrations of the life of Christ. These artistic representations tell tales of their own, and the visual stories are not always found in the corresponding texts. A careful examination of these images shows clearly and convincingly that medieval artists were not only familiar with the stories of the canonical Gospels, but also with many noncanonical apocryphal tales of Jesus. The apocryphal stories, in some instances, were understood to be "Gospel truth" on par with accounts found in Scripture. Bart D. Ehrman, the James A. Gray Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, explores both canonical and apocryphal narratives of Jesus's life.

Video discussed on Bart Ehrman's Foundation Blog:

Bart D. Ehrman is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He came to UNC in 1988, after four years of teaching at Rutgers University. At UNC he has served as both the Director of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies. A graduate of Wheaton College (Illinois), Professor Ehrman received both his Masters of Divinity and Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary, where his 1985 doctoral dissertation was awarded magna cum laude.

Copyright © Bart D. Ehrman. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, re-posting and/or duplication of this video without express and written permission from Bart D. Ehrman is strictly prohibited.

Non-Christian Literalists?

Hemant Mehta, July 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Richard Carrier: Did Jesus Even Exist? A Historian Questions the Evidence

If you wish to skip ahead to Dr. Richard Carrier's presentation, go to the 24 minute mark.

The Atheist Community of San Jose was proud to welcome Dr. Carrier on April 2, 2014. This was the 1-year anniversary event of our founding, so we included the entire meeting on this video, complete with introductions from ACSJ President Brian Broome and our "In the News" segment with ACSJ Vice President Scot Haire.

Dr. Richard Carrier gave a lecture on elements of his upcoming new book "On the Historicity of Jesus Christ". For more information on Dr. Carrier and his books, please visit

If you would like to give a presentation for the Atheist Community of San Jose, please visit

Klingenshmitt: Gay People Punished With "Spiritual Death"

Gordon Klingenshmitt says that LGBT people receive the "penalty" of "spiritual death."

Gordon Klingenshmitt "I am saying this out of love. You are going to Hell."

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things'

The source behind the Guardian's NSA files talks to Glenn Greenwald about his motives for the biggest intelligence leak in a generation

Copyright © 2013 Praxis Films / Laura Poitras

Watch the same video on The Guardian NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things' – video

the Guardian The NSA files How the story unfolded

Buddhism and Atheism

Ajahn Brahm outlines his perspectives on god and atheism...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic: FOIL

We partnered with "Weird Al" to create this music video for his new album, "Mandatory Fun." Also featuring Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant.

Exclusive "Weird Al" Yankovic Music Video: FOIL (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde)

Magic Sandwich Show No. 81

Join us for another exciting edition of the Magic Sandwich Show.

On the show will be dprjones and AronRa plus one or more of c0nc0rdance, thunderf00t and hogtiechamp.

The Magic Sandwich Show, Sunday 13 July 2014

Scientology: The Freewinds

Lawrence Woodcraft is brought aboard Scientology's cruise ship to design architectural changes and discovers the vessel is riddled with deadly blue asbestos.

XENU TV. 1/23/01

Producer: Mark Bunker

50 Voices of Disbelief

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Myths deserve to be broken apart Neil deGrasse Tyson

Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Download Books:
50 Voices of Disbelief - Why We Are Atheists
The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine (1794)
Atheist Universe - The Thinking Person's Answer to Christian Fundamentalism
Cosmos by Carl Sagan
The Demon-Haunted World - Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan
Breaking the Spell Religion - Daniel C. Dennett
God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Atheism - The Case Against God by George H. Smith
Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris
The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie
The Selfish Gene by - Richard Dawkins
The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins
The End of Faith by Sam Harris
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking
The Greatest Show on Earth The Evidence for Evolution by Richard Dawkins
The God Virus - How Religion Infects Our Lives And Culture
Why People Believe Weird Things

online ressources:
1001 errors
Evil Bible

Buddhist Atheists?

Can an atheist be Buddhist?

Video by Hemant Mehta, 2014

Eddie Izzard on Moses

Segment from Eddie Izzard's Stripped tour, all credit to Eddie Izzard

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dave Silverman - Friendly Atheist Podcast

Dave Silverman is the President of American Atheists, a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, and the inspiration for a popular meme.

In a very spirited conversation, we spoke with Dave about Mormons who secretly attended his convention, where to draw the line in criticizing religious beliefs, and whether the leader of an atheist group can really be married to a religious spouse.

Dave Silverman - Friendly Atheist Podcast EP 3, Mon, 30 June 2014

The Atheist Voice provides a platform for discussion for atheist leaders, authors, bloggers, activists, and everybody else who is passionate about atheism, and secularism. Join the discussion by commenting under the videos or submitting video responses. If you'd like to collaborate on this channel or if you'd like to appear in our videos please visit their website

Barton Says God Will Strike U.S. With Weather Disasters For Not Supporting Israel

David Barton says the Israel's boundaries were drawn by God and the US will suffer droughts and weather disasters for trying to change them.

Scientology: Astra Woodcraft Full Interview

Astra Woodcraft and her sister Zoe and father Lawrence talk to Stacy Brooks of the Lisa McPherson Trust about their experiences inside Scientology's Sea Org. Astra went on to be one of the co-founders of the website Ex-Scientology Kids.

Video by, 1/20/2001

Monday, July 14, 2014

Man Declared Insane & Locked Up For Rejecting Religion

"A Nigerian man has been sent to a mental institute in Kano state after he declared that he did not believe in God, according to a humanist charity.

Mubarak Bala was being held against his will at the hospital after his Muslim family took him there, it said.

The hospital said it was treating Mr Bala, 29, for a "challenging psychological condition", and would not keep him longer than necessary."*

The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur breaks it down. 2014

John Oliver: Wealth Gap

John Oliver discusses America's growing wealth gap and why it may be a problem in the future.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO)

AronRa Destroys "Big Daddy?" Extras

Tons of Extra content from the "Big Daddy?" episode we did with AronRa!

Video by The Bible Reloaded, 2014

Jinn & Tonic Show, Aisha 13.Jul 2014

Podcast about Islam and Aisha

The Jinn And Tonic Show, 2014

Karen Stollznow - Friendly Atheist Podcast

Karen Stollznow is a linguist with a background in history and anthropology. Karen Stollznow is also the author of God Bless America, Haunting America, and her newest books Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic and Not What The Dr. Ordered. She has contributed to several publications including Psychology Today and Skeptic, and she is a research fellow of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

We spoke with Karen Stollznow about "foreign accent syndrome," speaking in tongues, and her exploration of different kinds of believers (from Quakers to Satanists).

The Atheist Voice provides a platform for discussion for atheist leaders, authors, bloggers, activists, and everybody else who is passionate about atheism, and secularism. Join the discussion by commenting under the videos or submitting video responses. If you'd like to collaborate on this channel or if you'd like to appear in our videos please visit our website

Dr. Karen Stollznow - Friendly Atheist Podcast EP 2, Mon, 23 June 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

AronRa Destroys Creationist Tract "Big Daddy?"

Jake and Hugo, with Special Guest AronRa, read "Big Daddy?", arguably the most famous piece of anti-evolution creationist propaganda available.

The Bible Reloaded, July 2014

Priest Makes a Fool of Himself Talking About Athists on Fox News

Father Jonathan Morris on Fox News

Priest Makes a Fool of Himself Talking About Athists on Fox News. Priceless.

Matthew Hagee Says Obamacare Is Conditioning People To Accept The Mark Of The Beast

Matthew Hagee says that Obamacare is conditioning people to accept One World Government and the Mark of the Beast.

Humanist Naming Ceremonies

Humanist Ceremonies offer naming ceremonies for non-religious people.

Find out more at

Saturday, July 12, 2014

OnceForgivenNowFree vs the Facts

I always say that religion is make-believe, and that creationist apologists especially are in denial of reality, playing childish word games to keep up appearances. Here we see that dishonesty demonstrated by the already notorious YouTube creationist, OnceForgivenNowFree as he issues an insincere challenge to "prove that evolution is a fact".

In this video, I mentioned elements of bad design. Among them are indications of evolution -like atavisms: Humans with tails, horses with fangs, etc. Another example would be vestigial features which are now useless -like the dew claw of a dog or the wing claw of an emu. The emu is primitive-looking bird with tiny arms like a tyrannosaurus. They have only one finger, and on that finger is a claw. But the arm itself has no musculature, and thus ability to function whatsoever. So there is no way to use that claw, nor the rest of the arm either. Other examples of bad design are obvious in humans and are also indicative of evolution as homologies: Our reproductive organs being so closely-associated with our sewage systems; our trachea sharing an orifice with respiration, often resulting in choking death. Bird respiration is much more efficient than ours. Their brains operate more efficiently too, considering that they only have 'reptile' brains. If we were intelligently designed, we would not have atavisms, vestigial features, or homologous traits, nor would our DNA reveal a lineage of endogenous retroviruses; some aspect of our anatomy would be unique to ourselves as original creations. Instead we are clearly ape-derivatives.

Right as I was ready to record, both of my good mics gave out on me, and I had to use a built-in as a back-up. I promise the audio will be better next time.

This video is made by AronRa, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

Solar Roadways: so stoopid its FUNNY!

Apparently, they think their solar freakin road panels can be dropping into Afghanistan, because they will have retractable parachutes, satellite dishes, spy cameras, infrared arrays, solar panels, LEDs, roadways. Lets just hope someone doesnt give them, legs guns, AI and a intense desire to kill genetically inferior non-solar based lifeforms!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Atheist Infuriates Bill O'Reilly

"Christianity is not a religion, it's a philosophy."

David Silverman guest on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly, 2014

Penn and Teller on Vaccinations

Penn and Teller - Bullshit - Vaccinations

Glenn Beck Has Another Message From God

The Mormon Glenn Beck delivers a message that came directly from God, telling his audience that they are destined to save the world.

Solar Roadways Are BULLSHIT!

Dave debunks the Solar Roadways project that generated over $2.1M on Indiegogo, as well as almost another million dollars in US government funding.
In this video Dave does the solar generation calculations to see if this system is viable from an energy generation viewpoint, and also how much power the LED's might typically consume.

What are the losses in a typical practical system like this?

Are Solar Freakin Roadways feasible?, or just pie-in-the-sky bullshit?

This debunking covers only a couple of the likely dozens of major technical issues with this concept.


EEVblog #632 - Solar Roadways Are BULLSHIT!

Islam or Atheism debate - Hamza Tzortzis and Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss totaly Destorys Hamza Tzortzis in this debate

Lawrence Krauss DESTROYS Hamza Tzortzis Islam vs Atheism Debate

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Seth Andrews: The Ultimate Question

Seth Andrews spoke in San Diego, California to a standing-room-only crowd at the VisionPulse Creative Event & Meeting Center. Seth Andrews presentation, titled "The Ultimate Question," dealt with religion, indoctrination, curiosity, fear and the liberation from superstitious chains.

Special thanks to:
The Humanist Fellowship of San Diego

The San Diego Coalition of Reason

Production Manager: Nick Stein MABOOM Show

and Paul Svenson, Sean Taylor, Debbie Allen and Jim Eliason

On April 12th, 2014, Seth Andrews


Atheists Should Undergo An Exorcism To Rid Them Of The Devil

Gordon Klingenschmitt laughably asserts that those who don't want public school graduations taking place in churches should undergo an exorcism.

Is It Reasonable to Believe There Is a God (Debate Topic)

I have a theory about Star Wars & Christianity. Things are coming together now. Here's the premise. The Jedi Knights are atheists. The Dark Side of the Force is the religion of Christianity. The Sith Lord is the God of the Bible. Anakin Skywalker is the posterboy for Dark Side of the Force, and becoming it's ultimate victim. Here's a few facts I just thought of right now:

1. Sye Ten Bruggengate recently said after his debate with Matt Dillahunty that Jesus said that you are either with me or you are against me. Anakin says those exact same words to Obi Won just before their epic duel.

2. Anakin was a rational, level headed person as a Jedi, but when he converted, he became insane and crazy. Christians are the exact same way. Before many became Christians(Mostly Born Agains), they were respectable and likable. Now they have become "Damaged Human Beings" just like Anakin.

3. Anakin turned to the Dark Side because he feared death. Granted he feared the death of his wife, the Sith Lord made an empty promise to Anakin that he can allow her to live forever if he turned to the Dark Side. Most people who are deeply into Christianity (Dark Side of the Force) are brainwashed into believing that death does not exist in their worldview. They truly gave up logic & free thinking abilities in exchange for hope of eternal life.

Is It Reasonable to Believe There Is a God (Debate Topic)


Lawrence Krauss embarrasses William Lane Craig in this debate

Rick Perry: Dumber Than Your Average Politician

Rick Perry is dumber than your average politician . . . though not by much!

Humanism Intro Part 2 - 'The BHA' - Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, & more...

Second part to the 'Intro to Humanism' video. This video explores the role of the BHA and asks further questions on Humanism as a whole. Including interviews with: Richard Dawkins, A C Grayling, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, Polly Toynbee, Rumi Hassan, Philip Pullman, & Zoe Margolis.

Video by British Humanist Association.

In the United States look for American Humanist Association, Council for Secular Humanism.


Watch: Humanism Intro Part 1 - 'Humanism'

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

20 Questions From The Hobby Lobby Ruling

Video by Hemant Mehta, 2014

The Rationalizer & Abdullah al-Andalusi apostasy and the universe

Links: BBC Radio 4 show

5 Good Reasons to Promote Atheism

Hemant Mehta, July 2014

Ben Carson Says That Legal Abortion Is Human Sacrifice

Ben Carson says we have no right to call ancient civilizations "heathen" for engaging in human sacrifice since we do they same thing with legal abortion.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ana Kasparian Educates "Ignorant" Pastor About Herself & Her Boobs

In this week's #NoFilter, Ana Kasparian takes on right wing, homophobic pastor James David Manning, who took issue with criticism he received from The Young Turks and referred to Ana as a "twit" whose only purpose on the program is to show off her chest.

Ana Kasparian defends herself against the criticisms by sharing her credentials as a journalist and a broadcaster while lamenting that Pastor Manning seems incapable of seeing beyond her physical attributes.

Video #NoFilter (The Young Turks), 2014


Ball park numbers:
to 25 000 sq miles = 90 bn square meters.

At about 4 tiles per m2, thats 240 billion tiles.

At 50 LEDs each, thats 12 trillion LEDS.

These need to be light up ALL the time you want road markings!

300 LEDs takes about 60 Watts.

Cheap electricity is about 0.06 dollars per kW Hr

So to run 300 LEDs for 1 hr coast about half a cent.

To run 12 trillion LEDs for 1hr costs about 150 million dollars!
4 billion dollars per day,
1.4 trillion dollars per year.

They will take more power just to run the LEDs than will be generated by the road!!!
And thats not including the cost of building the infrastructure, or the fact that the LED probably will need to be replaced about every 5 years.

Klingenschmitt Says Jesus Will Overrule The Supreme Court & Toss Gays Into Hell

Gordon Klingenschmitt proclaims that one day Jesus will overrule the courts that support gay marriage and toss all gays into Hell.

Perkins Says Hobby Lobby Was Really About Obama's Effort To Destroy Religious Liberty

Tony Perkins says the Hobby Lobby case was not about contraception, but rather Obama's agenda to destroy religious liberty.

Are new atheists shallow and dangerous? Michael Nugent on BBC Ulster

This is the second radio debate between Michael Nugent and Dr Robert Grant of TCD Philosophy Department about Dr Grant's article in the Irish Times titled "New Atheists ... 'shallow', 'naive', 'dangerous'." It is on BBC Radio Ulster's Sunday Sequence with William Crawley on 6 July 2014.

They had previously debated the same article on Newstalk Radio's The Right Hook with George Hook later that day, 24 June 2014.

Are New Atheists Shallow and Dangerous? Michael Nugent on Newstalk

Sunday, July 6, 2014

American Freethought (DVD & Blu-ray)


Four-hour film series on the history of secularism and censorship.

written, produced, and directed by RODERICK BRADFORD
Produced in association with the Council for Secular Humanism.

Shop “American Freethought” on DVD & Blu-ray

Humanism Intro Part 1 - 'Humanism'

Humanism is sometimes mistaken for a form of religion, or something which is very complex. Here, some well known humanists explain that all humanism really is, is people wanting to live ethical and happy lives, thinking for themselves, without religion imposing its own morals on them which are not necessarily compatible with living ethically today. Including interviews with: Richard Dawkins, A C Grayling, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, Polly Toynbee, Rumi Hassan, Philip Pullman, & Zoe Margolis.

Video by British Humanist Association.

Solar FREAKIN Roadways, are they real?

Solar FREAKIN roadways is a nice idea, but then again is a pogostick that can hop to the moon as a cheap, reusable trans-orbital vehicle.

Is it plausible though. Well it basically proposes the union of 3 or 4 technologies. LED lights, solar panels, and glass roads.

Glass really isn't a feasible material to make roads out of.
1) its too expensive. Just coating the US road system with roads would cost many times the federal budget.
2) Its too soft. Even with a textured surface for traction, it will wear away too quickly. Dirt on roads is basically small rocks, which are generally much harder than glass. Imagine taking a handful of dirt and rubbing it a window. Now imagine doing that with the wheels of a 20 ton tractor/trailer.
3) I have doubts about the physical properties of the glass to take the load and mechanical heat stress required of a road making material.

Solar panels under the road is a bad idea from the start. If they are under the roads, they are hard to maintain. They will have reduced light from parked cars etc. They are fragile. Not really congenial to the conditions you are likely to get on a road. In many ways building a shed over the road, or just having solar panels by the side of the road is a far better idea. However the power transport really isnt practical. One of the most efficient ways to transport electricity around is as high voltage AC. However to build those lines would probably double the cost of any construction. To bury the cables is even more expensive.

LEDs for variable road marking have been partially implemented. They are usually only cost effective in dynamic traffic management systems. For most roads its utterly pointless as the road markings almost never need to be altered. These LED are usually not easy to see (especially in full daylight when the solar panels are meant to be generating power).

However solar powered roadways has generated well over a million dollars for Julie and Scott Brusaw (a therapist and an engineer).

I'm still on the fence as to if they are just delusional dreamers or (now millionaire) con artists. A lot of this looks like just direct 'what if' daydreaming, but then you get the part of the promotional video where they are shoveling ground up coloured glass into a wheelbarrow, while narrating that they use as many recycled materials as possible in this project. It's very difficult to not see that as a direct lie. They must know full well that they did not use any of that material in the construction of their glass tiles.

Koch Brothers Exposed

Documentary detailing the crimes of the Koch brothers and the hijacking of US politics.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kirk Cameron tells us how humans were created :)

Time to wake up and smell reality people. The internet and youtube are the instruments with which we can out all the psychopaths of this world and expose them for the pathetic, clueless, fearful, ego-maniacal, dumb asses that they are. Who would have ever guessed....the internet gave us porn, cat videos, and the ascension of atheism.

Ask American Atheists: Hobby Lobby

With the Supreme Court siding with Hobby Lobby, there are a lot of questions about the implications of this ruling on religious freedom, access to healthcare, and the impact on our lives.

American Atheists staff, led by Managing Director, In-House Counsel, and constitutional law expert Amanda Knief will answer your questions live.

Cindy Jacobs Has A Long Record Of Preventing Terrorist Attacks

Cindy Jacobs recalls several instances where she was given a warning by God of an impending terrorist attack that her prayers helped stop or at least lessen.

Climate Change Debate (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)

John Oliver hosts a mathematically representative climate change debate, with the help of special guest Bill Nye the Science Guy, of course.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Climate Change Debate (HBO) 2014

Individuality by Robert Ingersoll

Happy 4th of July! It's the American Independence Day, and I think this short excerpt from Robert G Ingersoll's "Individuality" is very appropriate. Being a non-believer is still sometimes challenging in this country, and the parallels between Ingersoll's time and now are very appropriate.

If you don't know who Robert Ingersoll is, and you happen to be a non-theist, you are in for a treat! His essays are some of the most powerful and passionate for his time.

Here's the full-text of Individuality (requires acceptance of disclaimer):

Friday, July 4, 2014

Ken Ham: A Thousand Lies To Defend A "Truth"

Ken Ham claims he knows the 'Truth' but can provide no evidence for it. Instead he and his team spread disinformation and lies and hide facts from their audience.

When you need to tell a thousand lies to defend a 'Truth', what does it tell you about that 'Truth'?

June 2014

Death Penalty (HBO)

Can the death penalty be executed humanely?
Should we even be implementing it at all?
Why are we talking about this on a comedy show?

John Oliver tackles the tough questions.

SCOTUS & Republicans Driving Religious Tyranny

Hobby Lobby. Mitt Romney (flip-flop) and Barack Hussain Obama

The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, 7-2-2014

Counter-Apologetics Part 2

Merriam Webster defines the word apologetics as:

1) systematic argumentative discourse in defense (as of a doctrine)
2) a branch of theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity

And apologists are everywhere, using lofty language and theological acrobatics to defend belief systems which can't otherwise be defended.

This two-part podcast talks about many prominent apologists and their arguments, addressing many of the most commonly heard apologetic claims and examining those claims logically, rationally, morally and against the evidence.

Last week's episode featured specific information about apologist arguments and tactics. This show is exclusively dedicated to listener calls with comments/questions.

With: Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews and Tracie Harris.



Listen to Counter-Apologetics Part 1


TTA Podcast 169
The Thinking Atheist, July 2014


Video by Hemant Mehta, June 2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rick Joyner Says The Big Bang Proves God Created The Universe

Rick Joyner says that the Big Bang proves that God created the universe when He said "let there be light."

June 2014

Fischer Explains Hobby Lobby Ruling, Abortion, & Global Cooling

Bryan Fischer explains how the Supreme Court used science to issue the right decision in the Hobby Lobby case ... also, there is no global warming.

The Sun does not shine at night! ... says crazy Christian Bryan Fischer, July 2014

It takes MORE FAITH to be an atheist?

Video by Hemant Mehta, June 2014

Stephen Colbert on Mormon Proxy Baptisms

Uniformity of nature

Excerpt from the May 10, 2014 debate with Jon Kaus on the existence of God.

full debate:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Frank Statement to Cigarette Smokers, 1954

Called the "Frank Statement" in marketing circles, this newspaper ad circulated in 1954 in several hundred newspapers nationally, in response to overwhelming studies linking smoking to lung cancer risk.

I offer this as an example of how simple it is to "spin" health risks. Cigarette smoking was possibly one of the earliest examples of science denialism which today includes creationism (evolution denial), global warming denial, HIV-AIDS denialism, and others.

A Frank Statement to Cigarette Smokers

For more information about the link between cigarette smoking and cancer: What Are the Risk Factors?

Hobby Lobby and religious freedom

With the Supreme Court ruling hinging on the religious rights of Hobby Lobby, John Oliver takes a look at other ways corporations can be more like people.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Hobby Lobby (HBO) June 2014

SCOTUS Goes Theocratic!

The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, 6-30-2014.

Stephen Colbert Mocks Scientology on The Daily Show

The Worst! Bible Characters: Judas

This week's shout out: St. Rawman

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tracie Harris Describes Christian Childhood Indoctrination

Tracie Harris was a guest on The Thinking Atheist Podcast #168 and had this to say about being indoctrinated as a child, and why the effects are so harmful. This really had an impact on me as a former Christian.

Dr Oz and Nutritional Supplements (John Oliver on HBO)

John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R. Martin, Steve Buscemi, the Black and Gold Marching Elite, and some fake real housewives on the show to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements (HBO), 2014

Read Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How big pharma has corrupted healthcare by Peter C G√łtzsche

Does God Exist? Dan Courtney vs Jon Kaus

This is the second of two debates between Jon Kaus and Dan Courtney.

~~opening statements ~~
04:05 Dan Courtney
21:56 Jon Kaus

~~ rebuttal #1 ~~
40:40 Dan Courtney
51:25 Jon Kaus

~~ cross examination #1 ~~
1:01:30 Dan Courtney
1:07:08 Jon Kaus

~~ rebuttal #2 ~~
1:12:35 Dan Courtney
1:17:58 Jon Kaus

~~ cross examination #2 ~~
1:23:02 Dan Courtney
1:28:36 Jon Kaus

~~ closing statements ~~
1:33:54 Dan Courtney
1:38:46 Jon Kaus

~~ audience questions ~~

The first is "Can we be good without God?" seen here:

Were You There?

Behold, the stupidest argument I constantly hear...: Were You There?

Though the behavior of the characters in this video may seem outrageously ridiculous, consider that the evidence for evolution hugely outweighs the evidence for "Ned Haggard's" guilt. Yes, creationists, you actually look more silly than the people in this video.

Ken Ham loves the stupid question: Were You There?
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