Friday, January 31, 2014

South Carolina Senate Candidate Richard Cash Inserts Abortion Into 'I Have a Dream'

South Carolina Tea Party Senate candidate Richard Cash changes Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech to make it about criminalizing abortion. The speech took place at a Tea Party convention on Jan. 20.

The Bible: Exodus Chapter 32 (Skeptic's Review)

Aaron makes a Golden Calf! "Hilarity" ensues!

Religion and Shame (with Dr Darrel Ray)

Does religion cheat people out of contentment and comfort with their views, their self-worth, their sexuality, etc?

Dr. Darrel Ray is author of the book, "The God Virus: How Religion Affects Our Lives and Culture," and "Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality."

In his writings and presentations, Darrel Ray reveals the subtle (and not so subtle) ways that religion uses shame as a weapon against those who might dare to fall outside its narrow boundaries.

Join us for a fascinating look at Religion & Shame.

Podcast available on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes and Stitcher, and at

TTA Podcast 147
The Thinking Atheist, 2014

This Was The SOTU "Where Our President Declared He Would Become America's First Dictator'

The Mormon Glenn Beck says that the State of the Union Address will go down in history as the moment Obama declared himself a dictator.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fischer Says Beyoncé's 'Sasha Fierce' Persona Is a Demonic Spirit

Crazy Christian Bryan Fischer says that the "Sasha Fierce" persona that Beyonce once used is really a demonic spirit.

Video from Focal Point on AFA Channel, 2014.

Facepalm! religion

It's a crazy world out there. And sometimes, there's only one appropriate response.

Ken Ham
Benny Hinn
Sarah Palin
Deepak Chopra

It's a Trap!

Jake and Hugo read some Joshua stories that have to do with what else?! Murder and pillaging on a mass and horrific scale. You are welcome.

Klingenschmitt Defends Russia's Anti-Gay Law, "It Should Be Illegal To Recruit Minors"

The Christian Gordon Klingenschmitt brazenly defends Russia's anti-gay laws and says that people who "recruit" minors into homosexuality deserve the death penalty.

I still think Gordon Klingenschmitt looks gay.

Erik Rush Warns Gays Are Pushing Society In Violent Social Unrest And "Homo-Hunting'

Erik Rush warns that people like Sally Kohn will end up being violently attacked by people who are fed up with attempts to homosexualize society.

Bill Connor at the South Carolina Senate Tea Party Debate

South Carolina Tea Party Senate candidate Bill Connor speaks at a Jan. 20 debate.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I wanna fuck Jesus

I wanna fuck Jesus in the hand hole.

Quote by Orange is the new black. Season 1 episode 5.

Rabbi: Spill Blood of Atheists

Using People

Atheist Experience #850 HD + Aftershow: Using People

The Atheist Experience #850 of January 26, 2014, with Russell Glasser and Don Baker.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Debate - Answers in Genesis - 11 Tips for Bill

Two Buck Chuck

Chuck Missler

Louisiana Baptist University. An online "university"

Atheist Experience #849 + Aftershow: Spirituality in Healthcare

The Atheist Experience #849 of January 19, 2014, with Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris.


The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.

The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to oppose discrimination against atheists and to work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

"Science Does Not Lead to Atheism!" - Misinformed Muslims

Hamza Tzortzis (aka London Dawah Movement)

Coffee with Claire for January 26, 2014

This week, I explain how geochemistry is used to indirectly determine the presence of life almost 4 billion years ago, highlight my favorite videos over the past week, and provide you with the usual yucks at the expense of assorted creationist clodpoles, dolts, and nimrods.

God hates the sanctity of life

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lincoln's Day Of Prayer Won The Civil War

David Barton explains to Glenn Beck that it was Abraham Lincoln's declaration of a day of prayer that turned the tide in the Civil War.

Legends, Fictions, and the Manuscripts that Illustrate Christ's Story

Illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages are significant for the literary texts they preserve. But they are also important, historically and culturally, for their illustrations of the life of Christ. These artistic representations tell tales of their own, and the visual stories are not always found in the corresponding texts. A careful examination of these images shows clearly and convincingly that medieval artists were not only familiar with the stories of the canonical Gospels, but also with many noncanonical apocryphal tales of Jesus.

The apocryphal stories, in some instances, were understood to be "Gospel truth" on par with accounts found in Scripture. Bart D. Ehrman, the James A. Gray Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, explores both canonical and apocryphal narratives of Jesus's life.

September 22, 2011, The Getty Center

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Bible: Exodus Chapter 31 (Skeptic's Review)

Lord YHWH eventually stops talking!!! Thanks, God! Moses can finally get off that mountain!

Atheism "Annihilated"

God hates the sanctity of life

Idaho representative Christy Perry opposes abortion because life is sacred and the fetus can feel pain. But she supports faith healing parents who kill their children because, even though the child's life is sacred and these children die in pain, what ACTUALLY matters is that they go to Heaven. Which face should I look at? Because she has two.

Researching Atheism in America: Benefits and Disadvantages

The social sciences of religion have recently gained interest in topics of atheism related to demographics and psychological correlates. What does it mean to study the absence of faith? Is the absence of faith an ontological position much like a personal affirmation of faith? How do the sociological and psychological perspectives intersect within the study of atheism? This presentation would explore the difficulties that researchers face in researching atheism and other types of nonbelief.

Christopher F. Silver is a native of Tennessee. He has received his masters of research psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, a masters in Religion and Culture from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario Canada, and a doctorate of Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Dr Silver is currently enrolled as a doctoral student at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in research psychology seeking a second doctoral degree. Dr Silver has co-authored a book called Deconversion, Qualitative and Quantitative Results from Cross-Cultural Research in Germany and the United States of America published by Vandenhoeck & Rupprecht. In this work Silver and co-authors explored the process of religious exit and conversion to see if common attributes exist for those who disaffiliate either by choice or through forced exit. His most recent work has explored the different types of people who lack a belief in God or the divine.

Pat Robertson in 1980 predicting Armageddon for 1982

From the March 28, 1980 700 Club, Pat Robertson predicts major war for 1982. Put together with other statements of his, this was an end-of-the-world prediction.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Allen West Will 'Definitely' Run For Office Again

Allen West tells Jesse Lee Peterson that he will "definitely" run for office again, probably in 2016.

Allen West "Whatever God would have me do."

Greg Claeys and Paul McAuley in conversation

British Humanist Association Annual Conference 2012: Greg Claeys and Paul McAuley, Humanism and the Future at National Museum Wales, Cardiff

The Catholics and the Jews

In this week's video, Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald, Director of NJOP, discusses that while the Jewish people have shared a long history of tense relations with the Catholics, their new leader, Pope Francis, has a long history of good relations with the Jewish community.

Rabbi Buchwald is hopeful that Pope Francis will usher in a time of friendship, happiness and joy between the Catholics and the Jews.

Beck Wonders Why Bob Beckel Is So Angry

The Christian Mormon Glenn Beck mock Bob Beckel for being so angry ... because he'd do something like that.

An Exercise In Hypocrisy: Beck Wonders Why Bob Beckel Is So Angry

Evolution is Not an Obvious or Intuitive Concept

Kirk Johnson: It was an amazing discovery that we're all related, but it was not obvious. It's not obvious that I'm related to a strawberry.

One of the things that museums have been on the vanguard for for the last hundred years is the discussion, the public discussion of evolution and specifically the evolution of humans. And for literally since Darwin's time that was one of the great discoveries was that humans actually are descendants from other forms of animals and we are part of the tree of life. We're not separate from the tree of life. We are part of the tree of life. And we've watched the twentieth century this continuous addition of information to that narrative. And now we have with the genome, the Human Genome Project we have the ultimate tool for mapping our position in the rest of the tree of life. So it's sort of like in many ways the final nail in the building of understanding how we fit with the rest of the things that live on this planet.

I think it's really important that people do understand that evolution is what makes biology makes sense. That's what makes all life make sense. So from the museum point of view it's always been a very important thing to show the actual evidence for evolution. So if you want to have a rational conversation about evolution and creationism -- and I have had many rational conversations with creationists who often feel that they haven't seen the evidence for evolution. And museums again are the most accessible portal for understanding science that we have. And museums by presenting dinosaur skeletons and exhibits about human evolution frame the evidence that we have, the three-dimensional evidence that we have for evolution. And I found that to be the most powerful way is to walk through an exhibit and say here are the elements of evolution manifest. Because frankly evolution is not an obvious or intuitive concept. It was an amazing discovery that we're all related but it was not obvious. It's not obvious that I'm related to a strawberry. But that's the story of evolution.

Directed/Produced by Jonathan Fowler and Dillon Fitton

Spirituality in Health Care

Tracie talks about appropriate religous boundaries in medicine and therapy.

Atheist Experience #849: Spirituality in Health Care

Host: Matt Dillahunty

Co-Host: Tracie Harris


Friday, January 24, 2014

Does Satan Belong With The Ten Commandments?

"A satanic group unveiled designs Monday for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan it wants to put at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a Ten Commandments monument was placed in 2012.

The New York-based Satanic Temple formally submitted its application to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds, including an artist's rendering that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard that's often used as a symbol of the occult. In the rendering, Satan is sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with smiling children next to him.

"The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond," temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said in a statement. "The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.""*

The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

Religious Displays at Gov't Buildings

Matthew Hagee Compares Gov. Cuomo to Stalin and Hitler

Matthew Hagee likens a recent statement made by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to statements made by Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler ... even though his own father has made similar statements.

The Bible: Exodus Chapter 30 (Skeptic's Review)

Lord YHWH has Moses write down another grocery list of sweet smelling spices for his holy blessing recipe. Don't get the super secret ingredient wrong... or INSTANT DEATH!!!

The Bible: Exodus Chapters 25 through 28 (Skeptic's Review)
The Bible: Exodus Chapter 29 (Skeptic's Review)

Losing God

Intro to my deconversion from Christianity.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Pascal's Wager isn't valid

Jake and Julie discuss Pascal's Wager, and Jake learns about the many reasons that its not a valid argument.

Rob Schneider in: The Hebrew

In this week's episode,Joshua kills a guy for telling the truth, impales a king, and makes several adequate piles of rocks.

Hugo's Twitter- @HugoReloaded

Jake's Twitter- @BibleReloaded

TBR Logo Created By- Chris Cheape aka CheapeOne

Theme Song- "Hugo and Jake"

Written, performed, and sung by- Dorian Silk

Matt Harrison, Student of Life, Ex Mormon

I jumped at the opportunity when I heard I could be in one of these videos, but once I thought about it for a while, I became worried. I'm the only one in my family who has left, and I still know a lot of people that are still unaware I've resigned, and I worried that some, or even many, of them would think of and treat me differently.

I was born into and raised in a mormon family, and had been "true blue" all of my life up until I finished high school. I had some back and forths with believing and doubts, and really struggled with self esteem and feeling like I was good enough as a person, so I couldn't bring myself to go on a mission, and it made me feel like a failure, a disappointment, and an outcast. For a while I thought I'd moved on, but I was still mormon on the inside.

Fast forward a few years later, when I was struggling in life, as most everyone does at some point or another, and I had decided to give up. I had no idea what to do with myself, so I just quit. It happened to be that night when the missionaries stopped by unannounced to see if I was ok and if there was anything they could do for me. I hadn't been to church in a while so this was a surprise to me and I wondered if they were prompted to come to me because of my despair.

That started what seemed like a very long, yet at the same time, very short, journey to the end of my belief. I very much like to read and learn and think, and it revived those interests in me full throttle. The layers of belief unraveled, one by one, until I had to start from scratch.

I'd always thought I had a lot of integrity and I was pretty honest, but recognized that I was fooling myself and others in a lot of areas of my life by being disingenuous and inauthentic. Taking a long, hard look at the church's extraordinary claims, eventually, I came to the conclusion that my experience was easily coincidence. I had moved into a new house and it follows that when my records were moved they sent the missionaries to check up on me. It didn't have anything to do with my emotional or spiritual state. Then all of my other deep, very real, intense spiritual experiences that I had had in the past seemed to unravel and unfold and I understood them and could explain them better than before.

I had so many questions, that didn't seem to have adequate answers, or peoples' responses weren't adding up. Things like, "Well, are you reading your scriptures?" or simply "We're to walk in faith in this life, not by knowledge," and all the others, as if my behavior influences what is true and what's not. Whether or not a person is doing those things, doesn't change reality and doesn't change the truth.

Since becoming willing to look every perspective, including information and material from outside the church, and broaden my perspective about a lot of things, I started to see that a lot of reasons not to believe any other religion apply just as equally to any sect of mormonism.

I realized, prayer just simply is not an accurate nor reliable tool or method for revealing truth or influencing the outcome of future events, the same with fasting, or paying tithing, or patriarchal blessings, or fast offerings. My behavior has no impact on what is true and what is false.

The Bible: Exodus Chapter 29 (Skeptic's Review)

Lord YHWH commands Aaron and his kids to sacrifice rams and bulls, finger paint with the blood and play with the liver, kidneys and organs! All of this represents Jesus somehow!

Skeptic's Review - The Bible: Exodus Chapter 29

Atheists are Extremists!

Atheists are Extremists that need to just live and let live!

Beck Says Bill Nye Is Like Those Who Tried To Silence Galileo

The Mormon Glenn Beck says Bill Nye is on the wrong side of history and is like those who tried to silence Galileo Galilei (witch was the Christians).

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bill Nye and the Creationist Guy

On February 4th, 2014, Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") has agreed to debate Ken Ham, president of Answers In Genesis and The Creation Museum. The debate will take place on Ham's home turf, at The Creation Museum, and the 800 available tickets sold out almost immediately.

This event raises the larger question: Should scientists agree to these types of debates?

Some (like Richard Dawkins) say "no," as it would be akin to an obstetrician debating a proponent of the "stork theory" of reproduction. Others insist that the debate is not only appropriate, but necessary.

Joining us in this discussion are Matt Dillahunty, Dr. Richard Carrier, Greta Christina, David Silverman, Ed Hensley and AronRa.

TTA Podcast 146: Bill Nye and the Creationist Guy
The Thinking Atheist, 2014

Sodom and Gomorrah (animated)

Darkmatter2525's take on one of the most fucked up bible stories.

Omama and pope discuss growing inequality. Religion debate

David Silverman & Two Funny Delusionists (Tony Perkins,

The Real Story, Fox news, 1-21-2014,
David Silverman, President, American Atheists, Inc.,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Muslim Apologists (19/Jan/2014) PART 1

The J&T Show: Muslim Apologists (19/Jan/2014) PART 1

The J&T Show: Muslim Apologists (19/Jan/2014) PART 2

The Jinn And Tonic Show, 2014

Spirit Science Tests Spirit Science

Spirit Science gets candid and guides us through some of the key failures of intellectual integrity in his last video, before showing how sacred geometry can be used to say anything. Find out how _your_ Mind's Arse connects to your chakra as exciting new discoveries are revealed, and never look at woo in the same way again!

Guidance: Contains some mild language within a comedy context.

Is there any evidence for Satan?

Is there any evidence for Satan? (1/2)

Richard Hoskins
Rachel Mann, St Nicholas Church, Manchester

Is there any evidence for Satan? (2/2)

BBC One 19 January 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet the Amazing TAMers: Cristina Rad

Joel Guttormson, Operations Coordinator for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, interviews speakers from TAM 2013 presented by the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Cristina Rad is a Romanian atheist vlogger and blogger. She joined YouTube on 20 September 2008 and Freethought Blogs on 22 June 2012. Cristina Rads videos mainly consist of discussions of atheism and critiques of creationism, notably in her video series "How to Be a Good Creationist". She criticizes religion (particularly Christianity and Islam) and religious fundamentalists.

Check out her channel:


Questions provided by the Mile High Sanity Project:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Bible: Exodus Chapters 25 through 28 (Skeptic's Review)

Lord YHWH gives Moses a grocery list and a bunch of instructions that I hope Moses took the time to write down...

Sorry loyal viewers... I do my very best to make the content as interesting as I can for you... But as they say... "you can't polish a turd."

Fischer Scientifically Proves That Transgender People Can Cure Themselves Through Prayer

Bryan Fischer demonstrates that he is the one operating on a scientific basis by claiming that prayer will "cure" transgender people.

Video from Focal Point on AFA Channel

Noah's Ark

Christian tv-program about Noah's Ark

You Have Been Watching! Religion

Religion is the topic in this segment of You Have Been Watching!, the British panel game show. Hosted by Charlie Brooker, this episode from August 2009 featured panelists Ben Miller, David Mitchell and Holly Walsh.

QI XL K15 - Kitsch

With Sue Perkins, Reginald D Hunter and Jimmy Carr.

This was the 4th K episode recorded.

Host Stephen Fry.
Video by BBC

The Crusades: Holy War (Documentary HD)

The Crusades is a new three-part series for BBC Two, Dr Thomas Asbridge presents his revelatory account of the Crusades, the 200-year war between Christians and Muslims for control of the Holy Land. The story of the Crusades is remembered as a tale of religious fanaticism and unspeakable violence, but now fresh research, eyewitness testimony, and contemporary evidence from both the Christian and Islamic worlds shed new light on how these two great religions waged war in the name of God.

Holy War

Episode one traces the epic journey of the first crusaders, as they marched 3,000 miles from Europe to recapture the city of Jerusalem from Islam, enduring starvation, disease and bloodthirsty battle to reach their sacred goal, and then unleashed an appalling tide of barbaric violence upon their Muslim enemies. Yet far from being the invincible holy warriors of legend, Dr Asbridge reveals that these crusaders actually considered surrender in the midst of their titanic expedition.

Dr Thomas Asbridge retraces the steps of the first crusaders.

History, War Documentary hosted by Thomas Asbridge, published by BBC in 2012.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stephen Colbert on Meet The Press (In and Out of Character)

David Gregory conducts an exclusive interview with Stephen Colbert who goes in and out of his character.

Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace!

A Few Words From Satan

Beck Helpfully Explains That 'There Is No Retirement Community For The Animal World'

In this video, the Mormon Glenn Beck delivers another incoherent monologue about Satan and the lack of retirement homes for lions.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Atheists, why do you only pick on Christians?

Why Nobody Can Hear You Scream in Space

A fan asks how come we can hear noise and explosions in space in the movie, "Gravity," since sound isn't supposed to travel in a vacuum. Luckily, guest astronaut Mike Massimino is in the studio to explain why "Gravity" got it wrong... from personal experience. 2-time space shuttle astronaut Astro Mike is sitting in for Neil deGrasse Tyson in this clip, but comic co-host Chuck Nice is on hand to make sure the mission goes according to plan.

Beck Says Obama Or Christie Would Bomb America If It Served Their Purposes

The Christian Mormon Glenn Beck cites Operation Northwoods, a proposed false flag operation designed to provide justification for military action against Cuba in 1962, to claim that President Obama or Chris Christie would endorse such plans.

The Bible: Exodus Chapter 22 (Skeptic's Review)

Lord YHWH gives MOAR laws to the people! I hope Moses is writing all of this down...

Chris Johnson's A BETTER LIFE: The Unboxing

In which Martin Wagner view, for the first time, the ambitious coffee table photo book of atheists produced by the brilliant photographer and filmmaker Chris Johnson.

Buy this book immediately at

Does your religion make You doubt facts? (Why Your Religion is Harmful)

Climate change, evolution and more

Does your religion make You doubt facts? (Why Your Religion is Harmful)

Hemant Mehta, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

David Silverman: Religion is superstition

David Silverman, President, American Atheists, Inc.,
Rabbi Aryeh Spero

The Real Story, Fox news, 1-14-2014.

Pastor performs 1-minute service to make 49ers game

Members of a Montana church experienced the quickest church service of their lives last Sunday. Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Montana started services by saying that there was a football game starting in a few moments.

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible (with Steve Wells)

Steve Wells spent years researching the Bible (as well as the Qur'an and the Book of Mormon) to produce a website and hardcover book called "The Skeptic's Annotated Bible."

In this episode, we talk with Steve about his history, his research, and the sides of scripture that most haven't heard in Sunday morning sermons.

Steve's book "Drunk With Blood: God's Killings in the Bible.

Sponsored by Get your free audio book and a 30-day trial at

TTA Podcast 145
The Thinking Atheist, 2013

NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams "Breaking Away"

NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams, "Breaking Away," story on the Church of Scientology and what happens to those members that try to leave the organization. Interviews with Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.


NBC's Rock Center Scientology expose

NBC look closer at Scientolog with an average of 7.07 million viewers and attempts by the church to stop the broadcast

Brain Dead Is Dead

The Atheist Experience #848 for January 12, 2014, with Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples.

Atheist Experience #848 HD + Aftershow: Brain Dead Is Dead

The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beck Warns Of Our Dire Attack Of The Clones/Terminator Future

In this video, the Mormon Glenn Beck says that Christianity is being removed from the military while Google is building a clone army.

Bill Maher: Pope the Gorbachev of the Catholic Church

Bill Maher on with Chris Matthews

Hardball with Chris Matthews, MSNBC, 1-14-2014

Religious Exemption For Slavery? Then Why For Hating Gays

"A New Jersey couple is suing their state over a law banning so-called gay conversion therapy, which they say is a violation of their free speech rights, freedom of religion and ability to parent their child "free from unconstitutional government interference," which in this case means putting a 15-year-old high school student through a medically discredited pseudotherapy intended to "cure" him of his sexual and gender identity.

According to the complaint, the couple's teenage son began "experiencing gender identity disorder when he was around nine years old," at which point he started to see a social worker who "helped him tremendously" with his gender identity and "unwanted same-sex attraction."".*

Cenk Uygur, comedian Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report) and comedian Jimmy Dore (TYT Comedy) break it down on The Young Turks.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jesus: the cover-up

No broadcast, no festivities, no coverage whatsoever...
Instead, it happens in the dead of night when nobody's around...?
Why? Isn't this meant to be the turning point of the history of creation?
Sounds like someone's covering something up, or trying to get away with something. But why? What? And guess who screwed it up?


It suddenly occurred to me a few months back: the 40+ years-later accounts we have of the morning of Jesus's resurrection sound exactly like the way things would have played out if Jesus had wanted NOBODY to know about it. Curious. Why would THAT be? But then when you think about the insane theology behind it - it's actually no wonder. I think I know what happened. Here's my theory.

At times in the past few weeks, especially the last two weekends, I've actually sympathized with those who ask me why the hell I would spend so much time and energy on doing something like this. There are lots of reasons, and somewhere amongst them are things like simply the pleasure of creating something as close to as I'd imagined it as possible. Others have to do with simply the fact that this stuff is important to me- this insane religion really can control people's lives, and I find meaning in sharing the good news: it's a bunch of crazy bullshit that you are free to relieve yourself of at any time.
I'm thinking of this as a "concept-piece". It was quite fun and challenging to write and turn into a coherent narrative. It ended up longer than I'd wanted, and I may have bitten off too much to chew through, with all the "But you don't have a basis for objective morality" stuff,... but whatever. I just wanted to bring the idea to fruition. Doing so has reminded me of how much I enjoy it, but also of what an incredibly time-consuming pursuit it can be. Wow, I'm spent. See you again in 2015. No- 16.


Whoops: at 1:31 I invented a new book of the bible called 12 John. Please just subtract 11 from it.


Ethics and Religious Upbringing

Video by Hemant Mehta, 2014

Creationist Comic - Kittycat Tomfoolery

I'm working on my biggest video ever (once you see it, you'll forgive any delay). But I still want to upload something, so in the meantime, here's this stupid lazy crap.

The book is "A Creationist's View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of Evolution" by Jim Pinkoski. Do yourself a favour and don't buy it.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Constantine, Christianity, Mithraism, & Osiris

Simcha suggests some very intriguing motivations behind Constantine's adoption of Christianity as the Roman state religion. I have long believed that Constantine was at his core an opportunist...

History Channel,

Was It Something I Said - Billy Connolly

Was It Something I Said - Billy Connolly Full Standup Show

Ordo Templi Orientis - Pi & The English Alphabet / Marty Leeds

Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Search for Satan BBC Documentary

Just how did the Devil get inside our heads? And who put him there? For Halloween, award-winning comedy writer and performer Andy Hamilton (creator and star of Radio 4's acclaimed infernal comedy Old Harry's Game) explores just who the devil Satan is, where he comes from and what he has been up to all this time

Andy Hamilton's Search for Satan BBC Documentary
Duration: 1 hour

The Antichrist: End of the World

Decoding the Past (2005--present) is a History Channel paranormal television series that "decodes" the past by looking for unusual, and mysterious things written about throughout history that may give clues as to what will happen in the future.

The Antichrist is a Christian concept based on interpretation of passages in the New Testament. In the New Testament, the term "antichrist" occurs five times in 1 John and 2 John, once in plural form and four times in the singular. In traditional Christian belief, Jesus the Messiah appears in his Second Coming to Earth, to face the emergence of the Antichrist figure. Just as Christ is the savior and the ideal model for humanity, his opponent in the End of Days will be a single figure of concentrated evil.

Ted Haggard
Robert Fuller
Paul Boyer
Alan F Segal
Randall Balmer
Jerry Jenkins
Benny Hinn

Lot's Daughters

An atheist opens the Bible, and in the very first book he finds a horrific story that the religious wish wasn't in there ... if they even know about it.

An Atheist Reads the Bible 1.

Narrated by NonStampCollector.

Elders React to Brain Surgery Vlog

The Elders watch and discuss the brain surgery of popular vlogger, Charles Trippy from CTFxC! Find out what the Elders think about documenting your life and Charles's journey.

What is Ordo Templi Orientis?

Peaches Geldof has been photographed with a tattoo on her arm which suggests she's a follower of Ordo Templi Orientis. We were intrigued to find out more about this rather strange group.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fischer Says Obama's "Sympathies Are With The Islamic Faith"

In this video, crazy Christian Bryan Fischer says President Obama was uneasy about his strategy in Afghanistan because he has Muslim sympathies.

AFA Channel, 2014

David Barton speak to over 600 groups a year

How can David Barton speak to over 600 groups a year while also working 14 hours a day on his ranch?

Is David Barton A Time Traveler?

Santorum Intends To Create "The Pixar Of Faith Movies"

In this video, Rick Santorum tells Matthew Hagee that he intends to turn his movie studio into "the Pixar of faith movies."

The God -- Jesus Who Wasnt There

Great Documentary by Ian Flemming on how the historical Jesus never actually existed and was only expressed by his contemporaries as a mythological figure and later rewritten back into history by the early Roman church.

Creation Museum. Real Threat or a Joke?

Creation Museum. Real Threat or a Joke?

Video by Hemant Mehta, 2014.

Christian comedy blues

Jesus wept.

Video by Pat Condell, 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rep Steve King Mocks High Abortion Cost for Low-Income Women

In this video, Rep. Steve King of Iowa mocks GWU's Susan Wood for testifying accurately on the financial burden low-income women face when paying out of pocket for an abortion.

A History of Disbelief: Atheism Documentary

The play write and trained medic Jonathan Miller gives an insightful overview of the History of Atheism from the Ancient Greeks to the Modern world. It also illustrates that the notions of God were long challenged before the advent of the scientific method and further demonstrates how the concept of God can be refuted on Logical grounds alone -- a systematic framework often neglected in contemporary Science vs Religion debates.

Atheism Documentary Episode 1

Atheism Documentary Episode 2

Atheism Documentary Episode 3

Video by BBC

Slumdogs vs Millionaires - Moral Hazard

Conservatives argue that income inequality isn't systemic enough. (4:14)

The conservative media lauds the end of unemployment insurance fraud, which is totally different from Wall Street fraud. (4:59)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Thursday January 9, 2014

The DOs and DON'Ts of PRAYER

America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, provides tips to maximize your payoff when pestering invisible people for all the stuff you're either too lazy or cheap to get for yourself! This video is an undated, rewritten, reshot and reedited version of Betty's video on prayer five years ago. Enjoy!

Super Hydrophobic Surface and Magnetic Liquid

Gav and Dan are in the GE lab using nanotechnology to show you cool liquid physics at 2500fps.

The first experiment shows a superhydrophobic surface that GE has been working on. Surfaces like this can be useful in aviation and wind power to reduce ice build-up or for self-cleaning applications. The surface traps a layer of air using its nanoscopic structure, which prevents water from sticking.

The second experiment also demonstrates how the nanoscale differs from the macroscale, this time with iron filings. Iron filings at the macroscale can be easily distinguished from the liquid they are in. When reduced to the nanoscale, magnetic nanoparticles can behave like a liquid magnet. Gav and Dan demonstrate this by showing magnetic liquid flowing upwards against gravity towards a magnet.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Prostitutes, Angels and Infanticide, Oh My!

Season 4 Episode 2 begins with one of the Bible's favorite motifs: prostitutes. Followed closely by it's most prevalent theme, God's vindictive attitude towards anything with a foreskin.

The Bible Reloaded

Theme Song - "Hugo and Jake"

Written, performed, and sung by- Dorian Silk

A Toy's Story - Derren Brown: How To Control The Nation

In order to explore Perception Without Awareness and the 'subliminal messaging' Derren invites Alice to Hamleys Toy store to pick out a toy at random but can he guess what her actions will be?

A Toy's Story - Derren Brown: The Events - How To Control The Nation

David Silverman: Atheism is NOT Satanism!

David winks to the camera at 0:47 to thank the public for 100K likes on American Atheists' Facebook page!
Also: Bill Donohue, President, Catholic League, & Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

The Real Story, Fox news, 1-7-2014,
David Silverman, President, American Atheists, Inc.

Beck Declares That "We Get Our Laws From The Laws Of Moses"

The Mormon Glenn Beck declares that a Satanic monument has no right to be on public grounds because we get our laws from Moses and the Ten Commandments.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Doubt That - The Media Guide to Skepticism

The common notion about being a "skeptic" is that you hold a generally questioning attitude or have a dubious opinion on a certain topic. At the extreme, terms like "climate skeptic" or "truther" express distrust and denial of scientific conclusions. Scientific skepticism, however, is an approach that emphasizes evaluating claims based on evidence. The process of skepticism is of great value to society to lessen the potential of believing or investing in something that isn't all it appears to be, which may have social, financial or even tragic consequences.

This presentation will provide a look into organized skepticism -- what it is, what it means to be a skeptic, what skepticism isn't, and why it's important for everyone to know how to apply it in a world overloaded with questionable information. Come visit with some friendly neighborhood skeptics who can help you sort through the nonsense and critically evaluate some extraordinary claims. Find out the difference between merely saying "I'm skeptical" and REALLY applying skepticism.

A JREF workshop presented by Sharon Hill and Barbara Drescher.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Robertson Warns Kerry Invites Warth of God On America With Peace Talks

In this video, Pat Robertson warns Secretary Kerry is inviting "the wrath of Almighty God" for engaging in Mideast peace talks.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Mark Bunker tells the story of Anonymous vs. Church of Scientology

Long time Church of Scientology investigator, videographer and television journalist Mark Bunker explains how he accidentally triggered the Anonymous war against Scientology. It stemmed from the removal of the Tom Cruise videos which angered free speech advocates and Chanology. Suddenly in February 2008 global protests erupted outside their "Churches". Scientology Inc has been an war with one at all for a very long time. It is a warfare internally and externally. You get glimpses of this in this video.

I explains what it was like to be inside behind cult lines when protests happened.

Tim Minchin - The Fence

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Does Religion Poison Everything?

Kindness, gentleness, empathy, compassion, love, goodness, morality. These attributes are often called the property of religion, and beautiful acts of kindness between people actually reflect a moral code given to humanity by the Great Eye in the Sky.

Of course, this is nonsense.

We've covered the subject of "Morality" in a previous episode. But the source and nature of morality isn't what tonight's particular show is about.

Tonight is merely a chance to share stories about helping others, with each example providing encouragement and a reminder that even the smallest gestures can transform someone's world.

These gestures didn't come about because we were directed to by a "voice" or ancient holy book (in fact, we're glad our morality isn't derived from the bible, Qur'an, etc). They happened because we sought to provide a human solution to a human problem, and in doing so, we felt the satisfaction and joy of knowing we made a difference.

The Thinking Atheist, 2014.

Belief In Evolution - Republicans vs Democrats

"according to a new Pew poll, it seems like political partisanship may be starting to take its toll on evolution. While a comfortable majority of Republicans accepted human evolution as fact in 2009, Pew finds a plurality now reject it — an astonishing 19 point reversal in four years."

Steve Oh, Jimmy Dore, Ana Kasparian & Dave Rubin discuss the results of this survey on belief in evolution. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Pat Robertson's 2014 Predictions

In this video the Christian prophet Pat Robertson details God's message for the New Year 2014.

Video from The 700 Club on CBN.

Pictured up close of Scientology's 'alien space cathedral and spaceship landing pad

EXCLUSIVE: Pictured up close for the first time, Scientology's 'alien space cathedral and spaceship landing pad' built in the New Mexico desert for the 'return of followers after Armageddon on Earth'

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Bible: Exodus Chapters 11 and 12 (Skeptic's Review)

Pro-life God kills a bunch of kids for his own PR.

Skeptic's Review - The Bible: Exodus Chapters 11 and 12

The Founding Fathers Saw America 'As A Model For The Coming Kingdom Of God'

In this video, Rick Joyner says that his study of history made him realize that America was prophesied in the Bible.

Woman Turns Blind Eye to Pastor Molesting Her Own Daughter

Child sex abuse and a Christian mom who allowed it to happen.

Pastor Michael Bryant

Do-Nothing Congress Even Better At Doing Nothing Than Last Year

Congress did very, very little in 2013 — setting all-time records for both most unproductive and most unpopular Congress ever. Both the House and Senate have passed dozens of bills that the other chamber ignored, leaving only 65 bills to make their way to the White House and be enacted into law. This count is the latest as of Monday, Dec. 23, and includes the most recent eight bills signed into law by President Obama on Friday, Dec. 20.

House Speaker John Boehner had this to say about what's been accomplished: "The House has continued to listen to the American people and to focus on their concerns. Now, whether it's the economy, whether it's jobs, whether it's protecting the American people from 'Obamacare,' we've done our work.""* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down

Asshole God

"I could never be the christian God, because I could not sit there and do nothing while millions suffer."

Friday, January 3, 2014

Shocking Percentage Of Americans Don't Trust Scientists

"In a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, only 36 percent of Americans reported having "a lot" of trust that information they get from scientists is accurate and reliable. Fifty-one percent said they trust that information only a little, and another 6 percent said they don't trust it at all."

Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses the results of this shocking poll by HuffPost/YouGov.

Doo North

The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, 1-2-2014, Whodathunkit‎?

Shackelford Says Persecution Of Christians Will Turn Military Into Hitler's SS

In this video, David Barton and Kelly Shackelford spread misinformation about the case involving Phillip Monk.

People Who Believe In Evolution "Are Disqualified From Holding Political Office"

In this video, Bryan Fischer says that people who believe in evolution should never be elected to public office.

Video from Focal Point on AFA Channel.

5 Predictions for 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Golden Calf

This episode promises to offer: Gold, Cow Effigies, Murder, and Auto-Sodomy.

New Year, New Life, New You!

New You ~ Break Free From Your Past
Ever wondered why certain things happen to you and
why whatever you do nothing seems to change?
Well it's not entirely your fault!
Yes, our lives are dictated by our thoughts, our decisions and our actions by an almost in built guidance system... but that's not all.
The path your life takes is heavily influenced by Karma.

What a loat of superstitious crap!


Message to Scientology from Anonymous

Hello, Scientology. We are Anonymous.

Over the years, we have been watching you. Your campaigns of misinformation; suppression of dissent; your litigious nature, all of these things have caught our eye. With the leakage of your latest propaganda video into mainstream circulation, the extent of your malign influence over those who trust you, who call you leader, has been made clear to us. Anonymous has therefore decided that your organization should be destroyed. For the good of your followers, for the good of mankind--for the laughs--we shall expel you from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. We acknowledge you as a serious opponent, and we are prepared for a long, long campaign. You will not prevail forever against the angry masses of the body politic. Your methods, hypocrisy, and the artlessness of your organization have sounded its death knell.

You cannot hide; we are everywhere.

We cannot die; we are forever. We're getting bigger every day--and solely by the force of our ideas, malicious and hostile as they often are. If you want another name for your opponent, then call us Legion, for we are many.

Yet for all that we are not as monstrous as you are; still our methods are a parallel to your own. Doubtless you will use the Anon's actions as an example of the persecution you have so long warned your followers would come; this is acceptable. In fact, it is encouraged. We are your SPs.

Gradually as we merge our pulse with that of your "Church", the suppression of your followers will become increasingly difficult to maintain. Believers will wake, and see that salvation has no price. They will know that the stress, the frustration that they feel is not something that may be blamed upon Anonymous. No--they will see that it stems from a source far closer to each. Yes, we are SPs. But the sum of suppression we could ever muster is eclipsed by that of the RTC.

Knowledge is free.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.


Deuteronomy,Mighty Ducks 2, and Dino sex

Season 4 of The Bible Reloaded begins with a cram session on Deuteronomy!

The History of Life on Earth in Three Minutes

According to the Anno Domini designation, the year is now 2014. But the Earth has been around a lot longer than that - about 4.567 billion years. The first evidence of life dates back to around 3.8 billion years ago. Homo sapiens first appeared on the planet around two hundred thousand years - or ten thousand generations - ago.

How's that for perspective?

Kirk Johnson, director of the National Museum of Natural History, calls this perspective "deep time." This is the story of our planet preserved in "the DNA of living things," Johnson explains, as well as "in the fossils we find, in the geologic structures of our planet, in the meteorites we scavenge from the ice fields in Antarctica. Those things together give us an incredible manual for thinking about the planet."

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Melissa Etheridge: "Imagine" 2014

Melissa Etheridge performs John Lennon's "Imagine". New Years Eve, 12-31-2013,

CNN at Times Square with Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin

Top 10 Stories of 2013

Interview with Rebecca Vitsmun: I'm Actually An Atheist

Bart Ehrman on his loss of faith - Michael Licona vs Bart D Ehrman

Location: Unbelievable? Premier Christian Radio

Christian debater: Michael R. Licona
Agnostic debater: Bart D. Ehrman

Date: August 27, 2011

Andy Choudary speaks about osama's death

BBC Newsnight examines the reactions of Muslims with different viewpoints to the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Anjem Choudary the former UK head of the Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun and Dr Taj Hargey, Chairman of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford and Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, spoke to Jeremy Paxman.

As usual, andy choudary starts to waffle about the invasion of muslim lands (whatever they are) and how he demands sharia law in any land now occupied by muslims (Britain, US etc..) but doesn't talk about the forced invasion of muslims into non-muslim lands that has been happening for over 1400 years with extreme brute force including theft, rape, beheadings etc.. The other guy is what Pat Condell would call a 'suit and tie' jihadist.

3 May 2011, BBC

Tom Cruise paranoia Scientology Video (Original UNCUT)

Tom Cruise talks about how important Scientology is.

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