Saturday, September 6, 2008

Output of Atheism

Europe is doomed because of little faith in the gospels and Christianity.

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GR said...

Childish journalism, representing one side and depicting Europe as some sort of sick man while America is healthy for being religious.

I'm appalled by the way the report assumes that having lots of children is a sign of social advancement or a good moral structure! Having a growing population is much more likely to indicate poverty (and ignorance) than progress.

European values are helping to remedy an overpopulated planet.

As for the solution, it shouldn't be expected that Europe will get more Islamic or Christian to "catch back up" to America, but rather that greater education (clearly Europe is more enlightened and the predominant cultures in successful nations are based largely on humanist values) will go West across the Atlantic and help to cure the sufferers of religion of their delusions.

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