Monday, September 1, 2008

Islam's war on freedom

The Human Rights Council at the United Nations has now banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic World.

The death of human rights articles
* Incredulous UN Bans Criticism of Islam.
* A Muslim-Programmed Inhuman Rights Council? Why the UN's Durban Review Conference Must Be Boycotted.
* The Mislabeled "United Nations Human Rights Council".
* Islamists actively establishing worldwide Islamic state.
*Islamic groups trying to use human rights law to stifle free speech.

A petition has been lodged with the British government to make the Prophet Muhammad's birthday a national holiday. If you live in the UK and you think this is a bad idea, please sign this counter petition.

Check out the feedback page on Pat Condell website.
Please support The Council of ex-Muslims.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Superb. Pat Condell is the voice of reason in the 21st century. Here he points out unnerving double standards, the spinelessness of apparent tolerance and the ineptitude of certain international governing bodies, all in the space of five sweet minutes. The solution to such problems= stop giving religions undue respect and forget "god"- only free speech is truly sacred!

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