Sunday, September 28, 2008

Atheist Viewpoint - no 651 - Interview With A Cristian

Atheist Viewpoint

View Atheist Viewpoint - no 651 - Interview With A Cristian

Dennis Horvitz (NYC Atheists)
Dave Silverman (Director of Communications
Bill Devlin (Prebytarian Minister)

Bill and Dave debates via God / No God

The Atheist Viewpoint - is a weekly show that discusses Atheism and Atheistic views on religion.

Many different religions are discussed including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and many others. In this show you'll hear the Atheists view of religion and state/church separation.

A refreshing departure from main-stream religious views. Many people describe themselves as non-religious yet the mass media rarely provides non-religious views. This show is for those who subscribe to the point of view that religion is harmful to humanity.

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