Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Penn Says: Agnostic vs Atheist

What is the difference between agnosticism and atheism?

View my post To be agnostic has no meaning

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Anonymous said...

what total and utter nonsense - any sensible person is agnostic as it implies that you have no true faith - it assumes one sits on the fence and is open to all points of view but will not choose a particular faith to follow as nothing can possibly be proved in any case. To be a believer or non-believer is to have a faith for or against something. To neither believe or disbelieve simply suggests that you prefer not to put all your eggs in one basket as you are not convinced enough one way or another.
It is the logical belief - after all, how can anyone possibly have such a definite stance on something they can not possibly know about.
To have a belief assumes you know one way or the other but that belief is completely biased based totally on one persons point of view.
Athiests are just as bad as people with strong pro-god views in that their complete denial of a god is made as a factual statement based on their disbelief.
Agnostics do not have such defined beliefs - this is not for fear of repercussions if found out that one or the other is indeed true - it is more the fact that neither can be logically explained and if any doubt arises, the belief (or disbelief) in question becomes meaningless.

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