Monday, June 26, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson Describes One Problem With American Currency...

An excerpt from his 2014 Tanner Lecture on Human Values, "Science As A Way of Knowing", Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson looks at a few of the problems he finds with American currency after a glimpse into his collection of foreign currency.

An excerpt from his 2014 Tanner Lecture on Human Values, "Science As A Way of Knowing", Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil deGrasse Tyson looks at a few of the problems he finds with American currency after a glimpse into his collection of foreign currency.

Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver discusses why some people may still feel uncertainty about childhood vaccinations.

Last Week Tonight, 2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017

What's Wrong With The Ten Commandments?

FFRF is pleased to introduce our new weekly show, “Ask An Atheist.”

Co-Hosts are FFRF Co-Presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker, and Staff Attorney Andrew L. Seidel. This show focuses on “What’s Wrong With the Ten Commandments?” Turns out, a lot.

We open up with a summary of the three versions of the Ten Commandments, and go on to an open Q&A featured on Facebook Live. Learn more about the Freedom From Religion Foundation at

Ask An Atheist: What's Wrong With The Ten Commandments?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Americans Don't Understand English

Michael McIntyre explains how Americans feel the need to simplify English words to the extreme.

Americans Don't Understand English - The Jonathan Ross Show

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dancing in Iran

To get Yoda's reaction to a drug seizure that discovered Yoda-shaped meth lollipops, Stephen goes live via satellite to a galaxy far, far away.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Waste of life names

Michael McIntyre on the waste of life names

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand: Goop

Much like Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand 'Goop,' Stephen's wellness symposium 'Covetton House' will pamper you for the low price of your net-worth.

Stephen Cares About Your Health (For Money)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
June 2017

Katy Perry - Mind Blown By Neil deGrasse Tyson

Katy Perry and Neil deGrasse Tyson from National Geographic's "StarTalk" prove how entertaining science can be.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
StarTalk Radio Show by Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Katy Perry - Mind Blown By Neil deGrasse Tyson (Witness World Wide)
June 2017

Jesus triathlon

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sai Baba, A Shameless Fraud - Totally Exposed

Sai Baba, A Shameless Fraud - Totally Exposed.

Thief Caught on The Ellen Shop’s Hidden Camera!

Ellen tested her audience members’ honesty with a hidden camera she set up in the Ellen Shop.

Find out who was caught Ellen gear-handed!

Thief Caught on The Ellen Shop’s Hidden Camera!

June 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

Coal and coal miners: Last Week Tonight (HBO)

We’ve heard a lot of talk about coal miners in the last year, but what are the real issues surrounding coal? John Oliver and a giant squirrel look into it.

Mr. Murray / Murray Energy Corporation atack on free speach




Murray Energy CEO claims global warming is a hoax -

Murray Energy Corporation Sues The New York Times For False and Defamatory Article

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Left is No Longer Liberal

"The issues I care about most, free speech, rights of the individual, and limited government designed to maximize liberty, have almost nothing to do anymore with the modern American Left. My positions basically haven't changed, but I've watched as my team has gone off the deep end."

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, and Fighting For Free Speech

“If you’re a professor would you be willing to explore a controversial idea with students after what's happened to Bret Weinstein? If you’re an artist would you be willing to paint a controversial painting after what's happened to Kathy Griffin? And if you’re a comic would you be willing to tell an offensive joke after what's happening to Bill Maher? If you answered no to any of these then you must acknowledge that the threat to free expression is real.”

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Friday, June 16, 2017

I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left | Megan Phelps-Roper

What's it like to grow up within a group of people who exult in demonizing ... everyone else? Megan Phelps-Roper shares details of life inside America's most controversial church and describes how conversations on Twitter were key to her decision to leave it.

In this extraordinary talk, she shares her personal experience of extreme polarization, along with some sharp ways we can learn to successfully engage across ideological lines.

I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left | Megan Phelps-Roper

Christians Buried Alive in China

Two House Church Christians in China were buried alive by developers hired by the Chinese government to tear down their church. Persecution of Christians is on the rise. Pastors and priest have been arrested, churches and crosses torn down, and congregations have been beaten by police.

Stephen Fry on God, drugs and sex

Actor and comedian Stephen Fry has a frank conversation with Tony Jones about his views on God, his struggle with addiction, why he was celibate for 17 years and what changed his mind.

ABC News (Australia)

My Thoughts on Religion

“In the privacy of your home, you can believe in Yahweh or Jesus or Mohammed or the flying Spaghetti Monster and that's none of my business. If your religious beliefs give you some sense of purpose or inner piece then great, it's when your belief bleeds into who I can marry or wanting me to be thrown off a building when I have a problem with you...and your beliefs.”

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stephen Fry's brush with blasphemy: A wake-up call for Canada

David Menzies says the case of Stephen Fry's close call with an Irish blasphemy charge is a cautionary tale for Canadians concerned about M-103.

If Atheists Sounded Like Christians

If Atheists Sounded Like Christians



Can you imagine what it would sound like if atheists started talking like Christians?

I'm not an atheist. I'm just a follower of reason.

Oh, hi, new neighbor. What library do you go to?

I love believers. I just hate their beliefs.

I have a personal relationship with reality.

You're religious...? Oh... well, I'll think for you.

You don't act like a Christian. You're really open minded.

Oh, God loves me? Well, Darwin explains you.

Axial tilt is the reason for the season.

I do good in the world because it's the atheist thing to do.

The universe works in non-mysterious ways.

Oh, stop complaining about my beliefs. You just hate reason. But it's okay. Reason loves you anyway.

I just found a great parking spot! Thanks, random chance!

We all have a truth-shaped hole in our brain.

Conservatives are waging a war on science!... (wait, that one makes sense.)

I know it's frustrating that your glass shattered on the floor, but remember: Gravity has a plan for you.

I would like to thank great genes for my team's victory tonight.

A lot of people reject atheism because they just don't want to obey the laws of physics.

With science, all things are somewhat probable.

You don't accept evolution? Then what's stopping you from murdering people if you don't think altruism guides your biological fitness?

Just because you don't believe in evolution doesn't mean you didn't evolve.

Deep down, I know you really believe in the scientific method.

You don't accept science? That's just because you haven't gone to the right natural history museum yet.

If you don't accept evolution, then why do you talk about it so much?

I'm not worried about death thanks to the grace of my telomeres.

A peer-reviewed journal said, I have no reason to doubt it, that settles it... unless new evidence becomes available.

Before we eat, let's bow our heads and give thanks to the farmers who cultivated and harvested this food.

Just you wait. When you're on your deathbed, you'll finally ask for medicine. I heard Thomas Aquinas recanted right before he died.

There will be fire and brimstone and Earth will be destroyed!... in several billion years.

Why don't you just try not being delusional?

Behold! The Christian's nightmare. Now if you study a well-made banana, you'll find that it's a consequence of evolution. Artificial selection, in this case.

I'll spare you all my screams of "Oh, Darwin!"


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why are There Bibles in Hotel Rooms

“Hotel Bibles” are also called “Gideon Bibles” after Gideon International, a group of male missionaries and Christian businessmen who took it upon themselves to provide this work to hotels across the nation.

Atheist Experience 21.23 with Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker

The Atheist Experience episode 21.23 for June 11, 2017, with Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Soul Silliness. Don talks about the squishy concept of the soul.

The most up to date Atheist Experience videos can be found by visiting

You can read more about this show on the Atheist Experience blog:


The Atheist Experience is a weekly call-in television show in Austin, Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. The Atheist Experience is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin.

The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to oppose discrimination against atheists and to work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

- -

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

Olivia Wilde Is Starring In The New '1984' (It's Not Called '2017')

'1984' star Olivia Wilde discusses the upcoming Broadway rendition of George Orwell's classic novel and the resurgence of the story's relevance.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
May 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking

Stephen Fry (actor and comedian) joins Dave Rubin for a quick discussion about political correctness, clear thinking, V for Vendetta, free speech, and his decision to quit Twitter.

Why do people join cults? - Janja Lalich

Today, there are thousands of cults around the world. Broadly speaking, a cult is a group or movement with a shared commitment to a usually extreme ideology that’s typically embodied in a charismatic leader. But what exactly differentiates cults from other groups – and why do people join them? Janja Lalich describes how cults recruit and manipulate their members.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Can you solve the pirate riddle? - Alex Gendler

It’s a good day to be a pirate. Amaro and his four mateys – Bart, Charlotte, Daniel, and Eliza have struck gold – a chest with 100 coins. But now, they must divvy up the booty according to the pirate code — and pirate code is notoriously complicated. Can you help come up with the distribution that Amaro should propose to make sure he lives to tell the tale? Alex Gendler shows how.

Jim Gaffigan Knows Why The Elderly Go To Church

'Cinco' comedian Jim Gaffigan explains his theory on why older people rush to the pews on Sundays.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Google Searches May Be the Best Measure of Human Nature Yet

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz has a sneaking suspicion that we might not be all that honest with each other. Instead, we seem to be far more honest with a website. The things that people type into the Google search bar, Stephens-Davidowitz says, reveal far more about a person than any in-depth interviewer could ever dream of. Even how racist someone can be. What's alarming is that prior to the 2008 election, Stephens-Davidowitz saw a big uptick in racist searches coming from alarming places.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz had expected the South to make perhaps a portion of these searches, but he was shocked to see the searches coming from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and more. And to cap that off, most of those searches were hardly fringe searches: they matched the amount of bigger-name searches like Lakers, migraines, and The Daily Show. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is the author of Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are.

So, the past 80 years if you want to know what people want, why they do the things they do, what they’re going to do, you ask them in a survey. But people may lie to surveys. But it’s been shown that people are really, really honest on certain internet sources, particularly their Google searches, so they tell Google things they might not tell to anybody else. They might not tell family members, friends, surveys, even themselves sometimes. And by mining this data we can get better insights into who we are.

Google Searches May Be the Best Measure of Human Nature Yet | Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Dark Matter, Dark Gravity, Ghost Particles, & the Essence of All Objects

There's something fundamental we all need to understand about dark matter—it may not actually be matter at all. Neil deGrasse Tyson has a bone to pick with this misnomer that is distracting physicists and the public from the real discoveries to be made.

Scientists know very little about "dark matter", and in fact it can only be observed indirectly by its effect on other objects. Tyson has a few suggestions for its re-naming: how about "Fred", he jokes, which is a name devoid of any implied meaning—suitable for our current level of knowledge. But if you want it to sound sexy and be accurate, then the way to go is dark gravity, according to Tyson.

Why? Because when you add up everything in the universe—the stars, moons, gas clouds, black holes, everything—85% of gravity is unaccounted for. That is so-called "dark matter". What makes it so interesting isn't the wild-goose-chase question of whether or not it exists, but why it doesn't interact with ordinary, known matter? On the way to explaining that dark matter "doesn't give a rats ass about us," Tyson explores ghost particles, the essence of objects, and why we haven't found any dark matter planets.

Neil deGrasse Tyson's new book is Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.


A brief history of goths - Dan Adams

What do fans of atmospheric post-punk music have in common with ancient barbarians? Not much ... so why are both known as “goths”? Is it a weird coincidence – or is there a deeper connection stretching across the centuries? Dan Adams investigates.

Lesson by Dan Adams, animation by Globizco.

David Mitchell On Scientology - Outtake

The panel share their views on Scientology, while Richard Ayoade explains YouTube.

David Mitchell On Scientology | Was it Something I Said? - Outtake


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Richard Dawkins exposes charlatan Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra exposed by dr. Richard Dawkins

Deepak Chopra is deliberately deceiving people to make a quick buck.

And it is unfortunate that the gullible people fall for this sort of mumbo jumbo every time.

Richard Dawkins exposes charlatan Deepak Chopra

Bible: Rape of a virgin

28 Suppose a man comes across a virgin who is not engaged and overpowers and rapes her and they are discovered. 29 The man who has raped her must pay her father fifty shekels of silver and she must become his wife because he has violated her; he may never divorce her as long as he lives.

5 Mos 22,28-29

Friday, June 2, 2017

Christians Upset About Atheist's Bible Verse

Bible verse painted on truck

Women shall be silent and submissive
1 Cor. 14:34

Read the bible!

Who were the Vestal Virgins, and what was their job?

In ancient Rome, Vestal Virgins were tasked with keeping vigil over the flame of Vesta, the virgin goddess of the hearth. The flame represented two things: the continuation of Rome as a power in the world and the continuing virginity of Vesta’s priestesses. But what was life really like for these Vestal Virgins? Peta Greenfield goes back in time to find out.

Lesson by Peta Greenfield, animation by Kozmonot Animation Studio.

Who were the Vestal Virgins, and what was their job? - Peta Greenfield

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Miriam Margolyes is Hilarious

"I'm nervous of asking you this..."

"No, please don't be. Because I *will* answer!"

"I know.. That's what makes me nervous!"

Talking about the Harry Potter-movies.

... and then it gets ... adult!

Ricky Gervais Will Know Science Failed Him If He Ever Meets The Devil

The star of 'David Brent: Life on the Road' traveled down the social media wormhole when he shared a rather peculiar tweet from a hater.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Bill Baileys Jungle Hero 2of2 Wallace in the Spice Islands

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