Friday, May 1, 2015

The Truth About PhD Creationists

So this creationist dickweed named Oucher Owl kept polluting my comments section with ravings about how we’re near the center of the universe, how Dr. Russell Humphreys disproves my contentions of that, and how scientists are covering this up because… reasons. Anyway I thought it was a good opportunity to examine a creationist with a PhD and do some amusing things with him, like compare his career to other physicists (hilarity ensues.)

It also allows me to address the common creationist canard concerning conspiracies, and finally allows me to put to rest the insufferable bullshit that is “quantized redshift.” If you guys enjoyed this video, leave a like. If you didn’t, please comment and tell me why. If you haven’t already, then click that Subscribe button and follow me to hell! (VIP section of course) Like, share, favorite, click all the buttons! Just to see what happens


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