Thursday, May 7, 2015

Christian Group Wants To Out Gay Republican Candidates And Staff

Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks discusses a Christian group that wants Christians to investigate Republican Candidates and out any homosexual candidates or homosexuals on their staff.

"Apparently seeing 1984 as more of a blueprint than a cautionary tale, the christian themed American Renewal Project is going out of its way to ask pastors and church goers to out homosexuals that are working for Republican Candidates in the 2016 Presidential Race. The group tried to make sure it didn't look like a hate group, with spokesperson David Lane making it clear that they didn't hate homosexuals or any member of the LGBTQ community, they just weren't a fan of the idea of gay-marriage because they're a hate group aimed at outing homosexuals in the Republican Campaigns that find.

As of now the group has not found any substantial evidence that their witch-hunt was successful."

Read more here: Christian Group Asks Pastors To Investigate 2016 Republican Candidates And ‘Out’ Gays Or Gay Sympathizers On Their Staffs

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