Friday, May 15, 2015

Christian Persecution? It's Everywhere. Can I Name One Example? No [Hilarious video]

"At the South Carolina Freedom Summit, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN 7) advocated State Department intervention when asked what role the United States should play in protecting Christians around the world:

One of the things that we should be doing here is being very strong in our stance with religious freedom in our country... Our allies around the globe want to see us stay strong on our rights and not erode those rights... With the human rights violations and religious persecutions around the globe, we need a State Department that is going to step in and say, "This is not acceptable."

Marsha Blackburn thought that Christians are being persecuted in the U.S., but could not give any examples when asked by this reporter."

Read more here: GOP Rep Says Christians Are Persecuted in the US, Can't Give Examples

Cenk Uygur (, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

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