Thursday, May 7, 2015

Scientology Inc Abuse revealed by Debbie Cook to ABC Nightline

David Miscavige ordered a staffer to smack Debbie Cook, who did, knocking Debbie to the floor, and another to break her finger while she was at the Church's International Headquarters in 2007.

DEBBIE COOK: "We were made to do these time in front of 100 people, yelling at you. I was put in a trash can, cold water poured over me, slapped. One time it went on for 12 hours...There were times I was accused of being a homosexual, a lesbian..."

Debbie was the "Commanding officer" (The Church uses fake navy uniforms and navy military titles) of the Flag Service Org for some 20 years.
Mirrored from 2012 interview. Important videos will be archived on this channel to show the pattern of continuing criminal, immoral and abusive actions.

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