Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why a smartphone is your friend at church

That's why your phone is the best thing you can take to church. Not because you can play games the whole time, but because it allows you to fact-check the pastor in real time.

It's kind of a game. If the pastor says, "I want to tell you a true story," be ready to do a little Google search. If the pastor says something like the evidence for Creationism is overwhelming, look up reasons why that's not true immediately.

Sure, everyone else is just sitting there, nodding, accepting whatever they're told, but you're better than that. And you have citations to back it up. And once you have them, show the people around you. Show other church leaders afterwards. Go up to the pastor later and point it out to him. Let them all know you're really paying attention -- and that's why you don't appreciate being lied to.

And then go home and document the pastor's lies online so everyone else can see them. If people actually did that, pastors would stop telling those obvious lies so quickly...

Hemant Mehta, 2014

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