Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Can Rationality Be Taught?

Panel discussion at TAM 2014: Can Rationality Be Taught?

Featuring Daniel Dennett, Julia Galef, Barbara Drescher, Ginger Campbell and Scott Lilienfeld.

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Anonymous said...

HA! I find it tragic that grown men and women can sit around pretending to be wise and rational while showing such closed mindedness.

First of all. Define religion. Because, while it is true that religion CAN be man-made, it does not mean that all information that comes from it is man-made. I said it right there. We should be caring about information one word at a time. Not as defined by a whole ideology. There is a basic sense of truth that we can all latch onto that tells us when we are being fed lies or truth. Christianity call it a spirit. And that is precisely what it is. Does that make me a Christian? NOPE. I claim the idea to be true because my experience in life has given me this truth.

Can rationality be taught? Certainly. Because I have three children that are living proof that it can be. I have turned a troubled child around. And it was partially through what would seem to be "irrationality" to get her there.

Whether you agree or not. Humans were created to follow a narrow path. And that doesn't have to be reflected as a particular lifestyle of going to church and socialize with like minded people. Jesus Christ is a best example of all. Because no person in the world can make Him go away. His moral principles have broken through every wall that has ever been constructed to block them.

But people have a big problem with Him. Because people don't want to sacrifice anything. This world loves lies. It loves lust. It loves ambition. Everything revolves around SELF. Christ led principles are contrary to the traditional mainstream life of conformity.

I personally know what it is like to live and think like everyone else for many years and then end up having my life turned upside down to see from a different perspective. To those around me, they wouldn't be able to brand me a Christian or any other denomination. Because those are man made labels. Jesus ate with Sinners in their own dwellings. We should be approachable by all people. Not being part of a club. Churches give Christ a bad name.

My children do not attend church. But they live and breathe the moral principles. And they also see that the majority of all public school children do not even understand morals at all. They are corrupted. I studied psychology in and out of college for over 15 years. I eventually had my fill and rejected most of what I learned. Because it leads nowhere. It reminds me of the movie Superman 3. When Gus Gorman was asked to build Kryptonite to kill Superman. He had every ingredient except one was unknown. So he substituted it with Tar. The result was that it didn't kill Superman. But it made him evil. This is science in my opinion. It always operates with an empty space. In order to continue, it gets filled with "best guess" information that leads to a conclusion that gets promoted as FACT. But essentially it isn't fact at all. This is where political influence comes in. Science and politics co-exist together in every way. And if you need to take a break to go figure that one out, do so. Because it is FACT. There is no systematic approach to raising children properly and creating a cycle that we want from then on. But there is a handful of basic moral principles that were meant to be put in place. To rule over our lives with complete faith and trust. They work for all people. They require no labels or religious denominations. They require no dress codes, other than rejecting the whorish attire we see today. yes. Real humility does reflect how we dress. Not the other way around. The Amish are the best example of hypocrisy. They are a cult. Jesus never promoted a dress code. But modesty is certainly involved in how you dress. To not attract attention. The Amish attract attention. They arent modest.

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