Saturday, September 20, 2014

21 Important Moments In The Life of An Atheist

Important moments in the life of an atheist:

- When you go to bed without saying your prayers for the first time
- When you wake up the next morning and realize you're not dead
- The first time you tell someone else you don't believe in a God -- without fear
- When someone asks you where you go to church and you respond with, "I don't"
- When you're the only person with your eyes open during prayers at Thanksgiving Dinner
- Better yet, when you notice other people with their eyes open and you share a little smile
- The first time you sleep in on a Sunday morning
- When someone sneezes and you respond with "Gesundheit"
- When you eat your first baby
- When you realize that God's not going to make your tough situation better and that your life is entirely in your control
- When you break a ritual that you always did when you were religious, like a ex-Muslim woman taking off her hijab for good.
- The first time you don't say "So help me god" in an oath or "Under God" in the Pledge
- When someone tells you you're an atheist because you just want to sin.
- When Jehovah's Witnesses knock on your door and your first thought is... come right in. We're gonna have a fun conversation.
- When you notice celebrities win an award and they don't thank God on stage
- When you come out as an atheist on Facebook and suddenly lose several friends
- Or you find some friends who say, "Me too!"
- When you realize that most of the people you know believe in nonsense
- When you're on a date with someone you find really attractive... but you lose complete interest when they tell you about their faith
- When you drive past a Chick-fil-A even though you're craving waffle fries
- When you realize that you know more about the Bible then most of the Christians you've ever met

Hemant Mehta, September 2014

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