Tuesday, May 6, 2014

78 Questions for Christians

Is Anne Frank burning in hell? How about Mahatma Gandhi? Is Fred Phelps in Heaven since he believed in the divinity of Jesus?

Should a killer who genuinely repents at the end of his life go to Heaven?

Should a kind-hearted atheist go to Hell for all eternity?

Do kind-hearted religious people who just aren't Christian also deserve to burn?

Would you be happy in heaven if someone you loved was in Hell?

If your child were dying, and I hope that never happens, would just pray for them or would you take them to a doctor? And if you'd do both, which one do you think has more of an impact?

Whose prayers does God answer? And if it's ultimately His Will, why bother praying?

If you have cancer, what would help you more: Certain drugs, or prayer?

If you had an amputated limb, would prayer ever bring it back?

If you have an exam coming up, what would contribute more to a higher score: Prayer or more studying?

If you prayed for me over YouTube right now, do you think I would know it?

What matters to God more: The quantity of people praying or the quality of their prayers? If quantity matters, shouldn't the most popular team always win the Super Bowl? If quality matters, why do people you love sometimes die no matter what you do?

Is it possible that your prayers have no supernatural effect and only serve to make you feel better?

Would you ever admit it if that were true?

Is there anything in your life that makes you doubt God's existence?

How would your life change if you had serious doubts about God's existence?

Was Jesus white?

Why does God seem more likely to answer the prayers of a talented athlete than a starving child overseas?

Why does God Seem to hate Africa?

If a group of Africans swooped in to your community with the intention of converting you and your neighbors to their tribal faith, what would your reaction be?

Does God speak to you?

If God spoke to you and told you to kill someone, would you do it?

Is God always watching you? How about when you're on the toilet?

How do you respond when someone who's not a Christian tells you about their religious faith? Do you listen and consider what they have to say or do you just ignore them because they don't believe what you believe?

What do you make of Muslims who think the Koran is the true holy book? Are they wrong? Have you read the Koran? Why do you dismiss them so easily?

Is homosexuality itself a sin?

Should gays and lesbians have the right to get married?

Why would God make people gay and then punish them for being gay?

If God's already sending gay people to hell, why do you feel the need to persecute them here on Earth?

Why does God playing hide and seek with all of humanity?

Do you believe Jesus is coming back to Earth during your lifetime?

If you do, what do you say to the many generations of people who have been saying that for centuries?

Why is the story of Jesus' birth and life so similar to that of mythological beings well before his time? (http://listverse.com/2009/04/13/10-ch...)

Is it possible that religion may have less to do with what's true and more to do with the circumstances of where you were born?

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