Friday, May 9, 2014

Skeptic's Review-The Bible: The Gospels - Part 20

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead! The Pharisees want Jesus and Lazarus DEAD! Also, Mary and Martha!

MOSES ASKS: Miss me yet?

Satan Sunday School song lyrics (p.s.: Don't tell Moses):
If I stopped believing in religion,
Is my life worth living for single a day?
Could my metaphorical heart
Find rest and comfort
In letting go of beliefs of yesterday?

If I stopped believing in religion,
Would free thought be worth the loss of belief?
Is reality worth comparing -
For indoctrination in a fantasy?

O what liberation without religion!
All the different faiths preached here on earth!
In reality, I'm just fine without it!
Imagine living in a faith-free world!

And though I might live without religion,
You're going to grow old and die you say?
Is there no such as atheists in foxholes?
Nothing lasts forever... and that's ok!

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