Saturday, May 24, 2014

Old Time Religion

Satan has decided to rerelease his Sunday School song collection separate from the Gospel Playlist. He was irritated that his "Only A Boy Named David" song is so low on the search result list on YouTube.

Help Satan get more hits and likes on his Sunday School Songs! Satan doesn't even care if you sing your own renditions of his Sunday School Songs on your own channel! Satan would like that very much!

Now give me that old time religion
Give me that old indoctrination
Give me that fear of eternal damnation
It's good enough for me

It was good for the Hebrew mothers
Who were taught not to question
Who were worthless if they were barren
It's good enough for them

It was good for the Hebrew girlies
Who all had to marry their rapists
Or get stoned in front of their dad's house
For premarital sexy time

It was good for whiny Moses
Who God gave the Ten Commandments
And who ordered the execution
Of three thousand Israelites

It was good for the Apostle Paul
Who told slaves to obey their masters
It was good for ol' King David
Who killed tens of thousands of men

It was good for ol' Elijah
Who immolated all those soldiers
And had all those Baal priests killed
It was good enough for him

It was good for ol' Elisha
Who had bears maul all of those children
Just because they called him baldy
It was good enough for him

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