Sunday, May 11, 2014


Zacchaeus was a tiny little man
And a tax collector was he!
He had a position of importance
With wealth and prosperity!

Most Jews who worked for the Romans
Were corrupt beyond belief!
Jew tax collectors were labeled traitors
By the Jewish community.

One ordinary day in Jericho
He climbed a sycamore tree
Zacchaeus, he was curious -
And Jesus he wanted to see.

And when Jesus
Saw Zacchaeus in a tree
He said, 'Zacchaeus, come down!
You're a son of Abraham!
And I'm going to your house today!

The crowd was angry with Jesus
For going to Zacchaeus' place.
Why would the savior sully himself!
The whole thing was a big disgrace!

But little Zacchaeus was happy man,
He had seen the Lord that day!
He repented all his acts of corruption -
Gave half of his wealth away!

For a guy who gets
One mention in the Bible
People sure have a lot to say
About a tiny little man in a tree
Who is never mentioned again...
In Matthew, Mark, Luke or John!

Clement of Alexandria
Said Zacchaeus got a different name -
He was later named Matthias
And ol' Judas he replaced!

The story of Zacchaeus
Is used to illustrate
Your metaphorical loot in heaven
If you give earthly treasures away!
A divine call to humility!
Hey little dude, get outta that tree!

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