Friday, May 30, 2014

Cosmic Queries: Space and Science

In this first full-length Cosmic Queries video episode, Bill and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer some of your most intriguing questions about space and science. Could life have started on Mars and ended up on Earth?

What is the value of exploring Enceladus, Titan, Europa, and the rest of our Solar System?
If the speed of light is constant, why is there a light shift in the Doppler effect?

Get schooled by the Science Guy on information theory, the speed of light, and time. Learn about the accuracy of carbon dating, why there is less gravity at the center of the Earth than the surface, and how the Earth's rotation is 1/3 slower now than in prehistoric times. You'll also find out if you can start a fire with sound or build a space elevator from the Earth to the Moon.

Cosmic Queries: Space and Science Part 1 (Full Episode)

And of course, with Bill Nye as our guest host, you can count on just a bit of discussion about climate change as well.

StarTalk Radio, 2014

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