Thursday, November 6, 2014

Skeptic's Review - The Bible: Job Part 7 - Interlude

Satan wrote a little ditty based on Job 28. You can follow along on Bible Gateway.;KJV;VOICE;GNT

There is a mine for silver
A place gold is refined
Iron is taken from earth
Copper from deepest mines
They search out in the darkness
Where men have never tread
In the depths beneath the Earth
Out of it cometh bread
But under it is fire
And dust made out of gold

Men search the source of rivers
Bring hidden secrets forth
But where does one find wisdom
And measure all its worth
The ocean depths and darkest caves
Say, “wisdom isn’t here”
It can’t be bought or sold
with silver or with gold

Where does wisdom come from?
Where does wisdom live?
It’s hidden from the eyes of man
Concealed from the wind
Death and destruction say
God only knows the way
He made the wind the water
The rain and thunder storm
In order to find wisdom
Then you must fear the Lord

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