Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Should Atheists Celebrate Christmas?" Ask Hugo

Hugo returns to answer more of your questions, ask your own in the comments!
This Weeks Questions-

You sound like a libertarian.

Alastar Dragon
Question: Are you bothered when your friends or family have belief? I have friends that believe in astrology, spirit, reincarnation, magic. I am pretty skeptic and it's very difficult for me to not care and let them live their live. How do you do it? I always finish to get into and argument with them and butthurt ensue.

Parker Y-M
Hello Hugo, I've commented before but I want to ask, what would be the best way to deal with a Christian parent? I'm a Buddhist and I respect my Mom's beliefs but every once in a while we clash and it's starting to get overwhelmingly so. I'm currently 18 but I do not have the finical ability to move out yet

- live627
How did you shake the fear of hell?

Thanks for responding! It would be great to hear how he was able to come to grips with the notion of our inevitable non-existence.

Question for Hugo: What is your internal and external reaction when a theist tells you that they will pray for you? Do you view it as sanctimonious and arrogant or are you just grateful for the thought?

EdieBird - 16 minuts in
So, can we talk about holidays? How do you navigate a religiously loaded occasion like Christmas or Easter, especially since even Christians rarely approach it as an actual sacred day?
Pasta Jay
I'm not sure if you've answered this already but who is your favorite Star Trek Captain and your least favorite? And which Trek series is your favorite and least favorite?

"Should Atheists Celebrate Christmas?" Ask Hugo #8

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