Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Arrogance of Creationism (2)

Creationists habitually indulge in pseudoscience, effectively acting as intellectually corrosive agents that detract from our ability to pursue progress. Ironically, the very same science that they misuse and abuse are the ones that allow them and the rest of us to maintain happy, healthy lives. The very same technology that they take for granted, and even use to spread their vile filth, is responsible for their lives of opulence and opportunity- opportunity that many of them actively squander, which is something that they try to have the rest of us do. Also ironic is that they do this out of a misplaced sense of righteousness, when in fact their actions have always been, at least in large part, responsible for the retardation of knowledge and progress in society.

No example, in my opinion, serves better than the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics at showcasing just how intellectually bankrupt these individuals are. They lack not only a cursory education in the matters on which they feel qualified to pontificate, but integrity as well, because no matter how many times one corrects a creationist's mistakes, it will continue to parrot the same old lies and fallacies as it always has. Indeed, by the time they finish watching this video, creationists will probably dismiss it out of hand and continue using the 2nd Law nonargument even though they know it's wrong. That's because the goal of creationism isn't to accumulate knowledge- it's to affirm a preexisting bias regardless of how many facts stand in the way. But hey, defending the words of the book of our Lord is always a moral thing to do, right? Wrong.

Ludwig Boltzmann was a religious man, and he also greatly admired Darwin and his work. Ironically, the very man who derived the form of the law that creationists use to attack evolution, accepted evolutionary theory! Creationists, this man who you would dismiss as "not a TRUE Christian" for accepting reality for what it is and not what his primitive texts demanded it to be has done more for humanity than any of you ever could.

A note about the ending- someone is likely to quite rightly point out that Boltzmann wasn't primarily responsible for the development of modern technology, but there is no denying that his role was indispensable. That being said, I'm aware that a great collection of other individuals are also hugely responsible for the derivations of different forms of entropy and the other theoretical frameworks that makes our technology possible, but seeing as Boltzmann was particularly pertinent to this video and its messages, I decided to focus mainly on him.

The Arrogance of Creationism (1)

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