Sunday, April 20, 2014

Please Assist High Court Challenge to School Chaplains

The 2nd High Court Challenge to the validity of the funding model for the National Schools Chaplaincy Program is about to be heard.

Father of 6, Ronnie Williams, had the courage to challenge this transparent funding dispersal to religious groups in the High Court of Australia and won. The Federal Government then hastily passed legislation to continue the funding. This is now the subject of the 2nd High Court Challenge.

Please assist Ronnie Williams by donating to help meet the legal costs of this important and historic challenge. All amounts big or small will be extremely appreciated. If you can even spare $10 or $20, please do so. You will be contributing to an initiative of extreme importance.

Details on how to donate are provided at the link below.

Please share, like, comment and mirror this video.

Here is a message from Ronnie

"I am returning to the High Court of Australia on the 6th,7th and 8th of May 2014. A substantial amount to meet my legal costs and disbursements is yet to be raised. Any assistance between now and the handing-down of the Court's decision will be deeply appreciated. This movie is a whistle-stop tour of possibly the most outrageous political stunt ever foisted upon the taxpayers of Australia."

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