Friday, April 6, 2012

242-day earthquake cycle IS REAL!

Follow up to 188-day earthquake cycle debunked


1:45 -- United States Geological Survey - 2012 Significant Earthquake

2:44 -- These 'responses' are real enough, but they came from another video pushing the 188-day theory. I hope people realize that they weren't really responses to my 242-day theory, this was just a joke.

3:55 -- Clips from Monty Python's Life of Brian

4:06 -- These messages are real, and were posted on the forum of my video '188-day earthquake theory debunked'

4:57 -- 'How to roll dice part 1'

There is some dispute about whether Wayne Young's video was free or not. As I showed in the video, it was on sale on his website for $9.99 plus $1.99 US shipping. Four days before the earthquake was due, he released it for free on YouTube. Coincidentally, four days is about the same time it would have taken to ship the video out. What are the odds??

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