Monday, April 23, 2012

The Art of PROFESSIONAL stupidity! (Eric Hovind)

The core of the argument is, 'my proof that god exists is that I assume that god exists'. Yup, I believe we have reached the apex of lazy arguments for god. Eric Hovind looks to be trying to make a name for himself with the 'great argument' for god. Now having seen Erics track record, I don't think I'm far from the mark when I say Eric, with his years of home-schooling from his daddy, the convicted tax-fraudster Kent Hovind, has be scouring the place for an argument so simply that he can make it, and he's found it in Presuppositional apologetics. Now, according to him, he doesn't need to know anything, all he needs to do is assume that god exists, and therefore god exists. He also needs to assume the bibles contents are true. Now of course to 'prove' something exists by assuming it exists is worthy of a wold class stupidity award. Eric is aware of this too, in that he wouldn't accept the presupposition that the ghost that never lies exists as proof for the ghost that never lies. I also managed to dig up Ray Comforts original video about bananas prove the existence of god (the one which he subsequently claimed was a joke..... a bold faced lie if ever there was one). In this video he also claims that apples prove the existence of god! Funny stuff! :-)

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