Sunday, April 29, 2012

Presuppositionalism with Eric Hovind and Sye Bruggencate

The video is: The Magic Sandwich Show from 15 April 2012

The Magic Sandwich Show has a new webpage!

The Magic Sandwich Show is broadcast here:

The show runs for 2 (and a bit) hours, starting at 8pm BST. For your local times please follow the link below.


Part 1
Presuppositionalism - with Eric Hovind and Sye Ten Bruggencate

Part 2
What is truth

Part 3
Living in a matrix where 2+2=5

Part 4
Isaac Newton and making cows

Part 5
round and round the merry-go-rounds

Part 6
"I won't discuss the bible unless you accept the bible"

Part 7
"Asking a question is not an answer."

Part 8
"god has to be logical"

Part 9
"Praise the Lord! The end is nigh." - with Eric Hovind

On the show were:

with special guests;
Eric Hovind. Eric is the son of Kent Hovind.
Eric runs is the president of and moving force behind Creation Today. It's website is here:

Sye Ten Bruggencate runs the "proof that god exists" website:

Both Eric and Sye are "presuppositionalists".

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