Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Book of Job

Why do bad things happen to good people? Well, we're actually made privy of God's "mysterious" reason in this particular case, and we find out that it isn't so mysterious after all. Historically, Job has been revered as a great work of literature. Nobody really knows who wrote it, but the powers that be figured it had to be God-breathed.

This book disgusts me mainly because it values material possessions over sons and daughters. Job's children were killed, and he's supposed to be fine with that because God returned twice the amount of his possessions. Sorry, not good enough. Yeah, Job had ten more kids, but as any parent who has lost a child can tell you: ONE CHILD DOES NOT REPLACE ANOTHER.

This book touts an immoral message, and it's paraded by many as deep and insightful. Many religious folk are told what this book is about, but don't actually read it for themselves, or they squirm with inaccurate interpretations that are directly contrary to the actual literature. They're almost forced to, because they've devoted themselves to the bible, and this immoral message is in the bible. But the message is quite easy to understand. Fuck this book.

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