Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lewis Black: Me Of Little Faith (In God and Healthcare We Trust)

Comedian Lewis Black lists the reasons why he does, and does not, believe in God. The former list includes BBQ, sausage gravy, and the female breast; the latter includes ticks, cancer and the laughter of a child. Black also gives his take on the state of U.S. healthcare.

Comedian Lewis Black discusses his latest book Me Of Little Faith with Bob Schieffer as part of the Aspen Ideas Festival 2009. - Aspen Institute

Lewis Black is a stand-up comedian, actor, playwright, and author. He performs over 200 nights a year and is one of only a few performers to sell out theaters like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the MGM Grand.

Lewis Black is regularly featured on "The Daily Show" and has worked on numerous TV shows and projects for Comedy Central. He has made seven comedy albums, including The Carnegie Hall Performance, which won the 2007 Grammy for Best Comedy Album.

Lewis Black has also taped two HBO specials, including "Red, White and Screwed," and has written two books; his most recent is Me of Little Faith (Riverhead Books, 2008). Additionally, Black has penned over 40 plays, mentors at the 52nd Street Project, created the Carolina Comedy Festival, and has toured with the USO.

Lewis Black - In God and Healthcare We Trust (Or Not)

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