Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jewish scum bitch slapped by Hitchens for circumcision joke

Jews and Muslims deserve to have their whole penis cut and stuffed into their mouth. There is no justification for the harm they cause to little children too young to fight and defend their own selves. Death is too good for these monsters who genitally mutilate children to appease their bloodthirsty god. Doesnt matter what the Torah or the Quran says. Doesnt matter what pleases Allah or his messenger Muhammad(pbuh). This disgusting practise must end now. I urge every human being of good conscience to hunt down muslims and Juice and sever his dick and stuff it in his mouth. When enough of us do that to enough of them, this disgusting practise will end automatically. They will then think twice about pleasing Allah and his messenger.

The psychological damage caused by genital mutilation, also called circumcision, is well documented. It is reported that men are very angry, frustrated and hold deep resentments toward their parents and toward doctors that perform these procedures.

Just because a desert bandit called Abraham or Muhamad had a sexual circumcision fetish why should millions of people have to go through this disgusting ritual.

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Abe Bird said...

Many Christians do circumcisions too for the health of their boys.

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