Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Genital mutilation of a minor is child sex abuse

Genital mutilation of a minor is child sex abuse. It should be banned and the people who practise this insane ritual should be tortured and then killed mercilessly. Muslims and Juice who abuse their kids sexually and violate their genital integrity must be hunted down and murdered mercilesly. Kids have a right to an intact body. There should be laws to proptect them from being scarred, tatooed, pierced or their bodies from being modified in any form.

The prophet pretender Muhammad was a sex pervert who took a 6 year old wife, and had several other women as his wives and concubines. He also engaged in gay sex and promised "pearly boys" for sexual gratification of men in heaven. This man clearly had a circumcision sexual fetish and enjoyed the sight of helpless boys being genitally mutilated without their consent. Why should any sane person follow the teachings of this insane scumbag Muhamamd the genital mutilator?

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