Monday, August 24, 2009

Tired of hearing about Atheism? Help end it

Do you wonder why I spend all my time making this anti-religion weblog? Then watch this video.

This is a two-minute anti-atheism production from the apologists at American Vision. It shows the horrors of "atheism" and directs you where to go to join the response.

Lack of reason


Christine said...

Looking at this video led me on a trail of websites that just made me very, very upset :(

Bloody fundies.

mac said...

The use of Nazi crimes is interesting.

Do the makers of this tripe want us to believe Nazis were atheists?

In fact, Hitler was Catholic, as were most other include Ratzinger, the current Pope.

Digging up a rationalist from 200 years ago and wanting us to apply our standards of today to him?
Why not look at all the DAMAGE religion has done throughout history.
Even recent history - what do they imagine the current war(S) are?

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