Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scientology: The Nigeria Debate

In 2000, Scientology used Nigerian soccer star John Fashanu as the front man for a vicious attack on Bob Minton. They compiled a bogus report claiming that Bob had stolen billions of dollars from Nigeria. Scientology then fed that report to the media to try to get him jailed.

Bob fought back with the truth. He uncovered Scientology's involvement and agreed to a public debate with Fashanu at Howard University in Washington D.C. Both men agreed to show up but only Bob did. Facing a room of angry Nigerian students who had been led to believe Bob had fleeced their country of much needed wealth, Bob presented them with financial records and other documents to prove his innocence.

Nine years later, Fashanu has come clean on the report being a sham but it appears he has not yet disclosed Scientology's involvement.

Scientology: The Nigeria Debate

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