Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rise of Man

Trace your family tree back to its roots and meet your ancestors. You should get to know them, without them you won't be here.

They harnessed fire and battled nature, they braced for extinction and discovered there soul. They invented tools, mastered speech and created art. They explored the unknown and settled the continents.

From a two legged beast eking out an existence they evolved to plant the roots of civilization. Man is the ultimate survivor. How we made it, is the greatest story ever told and all based on Scientific Facts.

This tv-program is silly
There are many silly (or even stupid) comments.

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Speaker: ".. some clever ancient man noticed a log drifting by and left dry land" (meaning started making boats).
Really? How often is it the old people who invent things or try new things? No often. It is musch more likely it was a kid or atlest a young person who started. - AND I have confidence in Elaine Morgans teory about humas evolved from aquatic apes.

NB: The video is from 2004 and made by some Europan tv-channels.

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