Saturday, August 29, 2009

Evolve - Jaws

For half a billion years many top predators have had the strongest bite in their environment, today it earns them a place in the zoo. But 400 million years of evolution proves that the only constant is change. For 400 million years every top predator has needed the same fearsome piece of equipment, a wicked set of jaws.

Out of life's endless struggle, predators evolved, defenses evolved in response and ferocious top predators evolve again. It's a vicious story of kill and be killed, escape and capture, the story of jaws.

1of5 - Evolve - Jaws

2of5 -- Evolve - Jaws

3of5 -- Evolve - Jaws

4of5 -- Evolve - Jaws

5of5 -- Evolve - Jaws

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