Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Youtube has closed James Randis channel

Youtube / Google has closed the accont of James Randi! All his videoes are now gone.

This message is posted on the JFEF site:
"Our YouTube account has been suspended, which means all of the Randi Speaks and other JREF videos are temporarily unavailable. We're researching the problem, and will be back online as soon as possible. Thanks very much for your patience."

When trying to load the James Randi founddation channel, youtube returns with this message "This account is suspended."

Clearly Google is a horrible, evil compagny. I wounder how long it takes before the close my youtube accont and this blog. When Google censor this blog, remember the domain is Religion IsManMade.com

Youtube have before deleted other great channels like XenuTV.

Please use other sites than youtube:

PZ Meyers wrote this YouTube has banned the James Randi Educational Foundation!

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