Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vivien: Born into Scientology

Vivien was born into a Scientology family and found herself recruited into the Sea Org at the age of 13. When she decided to leave Scientology, her family disconnected.

Sorry for the poor video quality.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever you stand from the religion issue. There is one huge miconception in the title.
The title reads "Religion is Man-Made".
The problem here is considering Scientology as a religion which it's Not.
Scientology in best the situations is a scam and big money grapping fraud. In reality it is a cult!
Religion on the other hand, even if you don't agree or believe in it, is something else.
There are only three religions in the world, each one is a revival of the one that proceeded it.
Judaism Christianity and Islam.
There is only One God and all people are equal and everyone will stand before God at the end.

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