Sunday, March 15, 2009

Terrell Owens thanks God for going to Buffalo Bills

Terrell Owens thanks God on Buffalo Bills introductory Press Conference

I was a fan of Terrell Owens

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GR said...

All athletes thank "god" when something good happens, like winning a championship or signing a deal worth lots of $$$$, but do they blame this "god" when they get beat or injured? It reminds me of the scene in Bruce Almighty (which, in its own little way, shows how silly the concept of god is) where Bruce says "yes" to every prayer- something which can't happen if opposing sets of fans both pray their own team wins! Some will offer the excuse that "god doesn't interfere in such trivial matters" but these are the same people who believe "it was god's will I found a parking space!" Madness.

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