Saturday, November 8, 2014

God, Uganda and homosexuality - IHOP and Mormons

A group of white bread, fundamentalist Christian missionaries go from America to Uganda to spread the word of God and preach the gospel. This is the plot for the genius broadway hit musical The Book of Mormon, but it's also the very real situation of what is taking place in Uganda today. The anti-gay fervor in that country is out of control, and the proposed bill to make homosexuality illegal and punishable by death has been brought about due to the direct influence and support of American evangelicals.

"Our God is an awesome God" - who is also apparently a totally bigoted homophobe.

With Lou Engel from IHOP

The movie is not out online.... but I did some research, gathered all available footage, added some music, some interviews, and did my editing thing to create this......

Sadly, all those involved, including the Christian director and the somewhat more progressive priests that the film follows, are all tragically missing the larger point that is staring them in the face. They haven't quite figured out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. They are simply looking to take infinitely small baby steps towards progress. Glacially slow advancements where we peel back the thick layers of hate and bullshit that the bible laid down upon the world all those years ago. We've managed to peel back the subjugation of women stuff, the anti shell fish stuff, the slavery bit, the witch burning, the rape, incest, and stonings.........and now it's time for religion to start to consider releasing their obsessive and irrational hatred of gay people.

Needless to say, all of religion should be put into a box and thrown into a Wiley Coyote cartoon and exploded with dynamite and then thrown off a cliff,.............after which, a small puff of dust will billow up

God Loves Uganda (2013) 720p H264/AC3 5.1/AAC Stereo
God Loves Uganda 2013.DVDRip

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