Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Crucifixion Was Non-sense | PZ Myers

The Crucifixion Was Non-sense | PZ Myers

After the show, Jones said, "It's takes the honesty and integrity of a PZ Myers to get theists to question their fixed beliefs. His willingness to confront the best and the worst of theologies is why he keeps moving people forward. And tonight, I think that he demonstrated his passion for truth and his love for all humanity, and it's truly something that we so desperately need."

Later, Jones said, "There is no redemption in crucifixion. So, if I have to make an argument to tell you why crucifixion is wrong, then what does that suggest...If Jesus had to be beaten beyond recognition and then crucified to keep His Father from doing the same to the rest of His created children, then it would be foolish to say that His Father so loved the world. For who could find the gospel or true love in this but the abused?"

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