Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No Transitional Fossils, You Say?

Here’s a video that’s long overdue.

Potential objections:
“I’ve never seen a monkey give birth to a human, nor a cat giving birth to a dog!”
“There are no crocoducks, bird-fish, or octoporcupines!”
“If humans came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?”
My response: Go learn what evolutionary theory actually predicts, and what it explicitly prohibits.

Potential objections:
“These fossils are all fakes, just like Piltdown Man!”
“They don’t look like transitions to ME- just different KINDS of animals!”
“They’re not what I expect a transitional form to look like!”
My response: Where did you get your doctorate in paleontology, and where can I read your peer-reviewed analyses explaining your position?

Potential objections:
“You’re gonna burn in HELL, stupid evolutionist atheist!”
“Why do you hate God?”
“Satan is decieving you!”
My response: Grow up.

Song: "Flamenco" by Didula
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