Saturday, October 11, 2014

16 Reasons Harry Potter is Better Than The Bible

16 Reasons Harry Potter is better than The Bible

It has better writing

The story is much more interesting.

When there's mass genocide, it's committed by the villain.

If you don't think the books are worth reading, you're not going to Hell.

The moral lessons are much less ambiguous

It's openly fictional.

The movies about Harry Potter are so much better than God's Not Dead and Left Behind.

In Harry Potter, parents sacrifice themselves for their children. They don't make their children die for other people.

The books celebrate diversity. They don't condemn people for being different.

When characters do condemn others, by calling them "mudblood," they're presented as awful people. Meanwhile, lots of pastors will use homosexuality as a slur and they're applauded for it.

At Hogwarts, most of the professors like it when you ask challenging questions. Good luck challenging your pastor.

The books aren't used as justification for slavery; in fact, they condemn it.

Harry doesn't ask people to worship him

People aren't killing each other because they have different interpretations of Harry Potter.

No one expects Hermione to be submissive to her husband.

The majority of Harry Potter fans have actually read the books.

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