Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scientology Inc "I am not auditing you" Confess for punishment

What "church" encourages a husband to snitch on wife, and wife on husband?
And, get this, have them pay, $$$$$ high $$$$ for every hour of questioning and confessing such questions tailor made based on the report ?.
Scientology Inc has always been the 3rd party in the bedroom and the intervening party between husband and wife.
But the culture of husband and wife snitching on each other is one of the most abhorrent policies.
The Church is a Church that wants data on everyone for its very organized Intelligence machine
It is all too common for a wife to report the husband for reading the Internet. or even for visiting porn sites.
RESULT : Summoned to an Org for Sec Checks.

There isn't even a pretense that this confessional auditing is for "case gain" or spirituality.
It is pure intelligence gathering. And the sheeple pay !!!!!!!!$$$$$$!!!!!!!!
Pay to be security checked on what site did they visit on the Internet, (internet viewing is forbidden in Scientology Inc
This is all at $800 per hour at Flag and $500+ in a lower org. Incredulous.
Excuse my laughter in the video.
In other words, the sheeple pay for the *privilege* of an inquisition into their private life as reported or snitched on by their own children or spouse.
This is the world of Scientology inc.

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