Wednesday, October 8, 2014

6th Eric Hovind Commentary

What a long way we’ve come. Two years ago, I posted the first of many videos devoted to the evisceration of Eric Hovind, who disseminates his filthy lies in exchange for money from the gullible masses that he is knowingly deceiving. Now I’m closing this chapter with the final of the six-part commentary of his repugnant seminar, “Beginnings.”

Before I begin, I’d just like to request any willing subscribers to mirror each of the videos in the “Eviscerating Eric” playlist as a contingency measure should Eric Hovind decide to violate his 9th commandment yet again and file a false DMCA notice. Seeing as this and my other videos adhere to the fair use provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, it would be illegal for Eric Hovind to DMCA this video- though as we all know, that family is no stranger to crime.

Made in October 2014

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