Saturday, July 12, 2014

OnceForgivenNowFree vs the Facts

I always say that religion is make-believe, and that creationist apologists especially are in denial of reality, playing childish word games to keep up appearances. Here we see that dishonesty demonstrated by the already notorious YouTube creationist, OnceForgivenNowFree as he issues an insincere challenge to "prove that evolution is a fact".

In this video, I mentioned elements of bad design. Among them are indications of evolution -like atavisms: Humans with tails, horses with fangs, etc. Another example would be vestigial features which are now useless -like the dew claw of a dog or the wing claw of an emu. The emu is primitive-looking bird with tiny arms like a tyrannosaurus. They have only one finger, and on that finger is a claw. But the arm itself has no musculature, and thus ability to function whatsoever. So there is no way to use that claw, nor the rest of the arm either. Other examples of bad design are obvious in humans and are also indicative of evolution as homologies: Our reproductive organs being so closely-associated with our sewage systems; our trachea sharing an orifice with respiration, often resulting in choking death. Bird respiration is much more efficient than ours. Their brains operate more efficiently too, considering that they only have 'reptile' brains. If we were intelligently designed, we would not have atavisms, vestigial features, or homologous traits, nor would our DNA reveal a lineage of endogenous retroviruses; some aspect of our anatomy would be unique to ourselves as original creations. Instead we are clearly ape-derivatives.

Right as I was ready to record, both of my good mics gave out on me, and I had to use a built-in as a back-up. I promise the audio will be better next time.

This video is made by AronRa, 2014

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