Friday, July 4, 2014

Counter-Apologetics Part 2

Merriam Webster defines the word apologetics as:

1) systematic argumentative discourse in defense (as of a doctrine)
2) a branch of theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity

And apologists are everywhere, using lofty language and theological acrobatics to defend belief systems which can't otherwise be defended.

This two-part podcast talks about many prominent apologists and their arguments, addressing many of the most commonly heard apologetic claims and examining those claims logically, rationally, morally and against the evidence.

Last week's episode featured specific information about apologist arguments and tactics. This show is exclusively dedicated to listener calls with comments/questions.

With: Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews and Tracie Harris.



Listen to Counter-Apologetics Part 1


TTA Podcast 169
The Thinking Atheist, July 2014

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