Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Devin, Teacher, Father, Gay Ex-Mormon

My Authentic Journey

I'm not here to list all the reasons why the church isn't true. That's easy enough to see with a quick ten minute Google search...

Mind you, that's not how I discovered the church wasn't true for me. There are teachings and beliefs that are indisputably wrong. However, in the end it wasn't the doctrines -- it ended up being the practice. Modern Mormonism purports itself to be the path of happiness. This is where it came falling down for me. When I clearly saw that it wasn't bringing me or my family happiness, I had to leave.

One significant memory that's been seared into my mind was when my son, six years old at the time, responded to my gentle reprimand over something he did wrong, "I will never be good enough." I couldn't bear the thought that this sweet little boy would have such a harmful, negative idea placed in his mind in such an early age. It's a theme in Christianity and Mormonism, especially: you can never be good enough.

My children, too, helped me to accept that I was gay. I asked myself the question: "What if one of them grew up and told me they were gay?" I couldn't bear to tell them that they must hide who they are, or live a life devoid of love. Being a parent completely changed my perspective. Although I no longer hold to any religious belief, I cannot imagine a loving god would want his creation to live a life devoid of love and authenticity. Mormonism still requires this of its members.

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