Monday, December 30, 2013

Bible Disqualifies God From Being God

The Bible sets guidelines for righteousness and God violates these, or at least an important one, guidelines. He cannot be god if we are to follow the Bible line for line.

Scriptures used in this video:

Matthew 5:46-48
Here we find the command to be perfect like God. But is God really perfect?

James 4:17
Knowing to do good and not doing so is sin.

John 14:8-11
Jesus says he speaks what hears the Father God speaking. Hence, if Jesus knows then so does God.

Matthew 25:31-46
Not doing good; feeding the poor, visiting prisoners, assisting the sick. sheltering th homeless, etc., is a damnable sin punishable by an eternity in hell.

Therefore, we can easily say that God knows to do good, is perfectly capable of doing good, has set the standard in Matthew 25:31-46 as to what "good" actually is. However, his refusal to end world hunger, all the wars, end homelessness, etc., is, by his own standard, a grievous sin. This makes him NOT PERFECT and as such, it is impossible for him to be god. there is, then, at lest know Jewish, Islamic nor Christian God of the bible that exists.

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