Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scott Campbell continues his story, beatings, assault and battery "Religious Discipline"

Ex-Sea Org member Scott Campbell recalls how, in 1994, he was incarcerated in an isolated ranch house and beaten for weeks. The ultimate deception and duplicity of the Church is that they parrot out YouTube videos on *HUMAN Rights*. Watch this video to see how laughable that it is. Sea org members have no rights. Not even the right to own a cell phone, tv, newspaper, visits to the library, contact with the outside world, no right to every say anything Critical about management or David Miscavige...

One of the men Scott accuses of beating him is Kevin Popovich. After his misconduct and criminal assault and battery he was promoted to be David Miscavige's personal bodyguard !

It is highly illegal within the Church to report internal crimes, assault and battery etc. to Law enforcement.
All illegal acts must be covered up and handled internally. Scientolgists who report to media and Law enforcement are declared "anti-social" personalities "Suppressive Persons."

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